12. Hospital

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(A/n:Ok a lot of you guys wanted me to continue this story, so I did and I'll try to stop saying the word "baby" so much since some of you don't like it when I say it a lot.)

Camila's P.O.V

I try one last thing. I stick my fingers in her mouth and give her cpr one last time...

She gasps and coughs up water then passes out "Y/N! Nonono, wake up please." I smack her face softly, she's not breathing though. I start panicking and give her cpr once again "Call an ambulance." I say and Dinah grabs her phone dialing 911. I kiss Y/n's forehead and caress her cheek.

"Mila, just wait for the ambulance." Ally said and rubbed my back. Couple minutes later they showed up and bring a gurney then put Y/n on it. "Who would like to go with her?" The paramedic asked "I'll go I'm her girlfriend." I said while stepping into the ambulance car.

We rush threw traffic and within minutes we arrived at the hospital, I hold her hand as they wheel her away "Ma'am, you're gonna have to wait." A nurse said and I sigh, my girlfriend is probably dead or likely to have brain damage because of me, I didn't pay more attention to her. I should've went into her bunk and asked her what was wrong.

The girls and I are sitting in a waiting room watching the TV when I hear a familiar voice "Hi, I'm here to see my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N." I hear Austin say, I get up and Ally grabs my hand stopping me "Mila, please don't. Y/N wouldn't want you to." She said and I sat back down, she's right. I need to be strong for her,

Austin walks over and sits down, I clenched my fist as he smirks at me "Awe are you sad because she's with me instead of you?" He asked, I get up and punch the shit out of him, I punch, kick do everything I could do.

"DON'T. EVER. TOUCH. HER. AGAIN." I say between punches. Security pulls me away, so Dinah, Normani and Lauren decided to jump in and punch him also. His face is bloody and he's groaning in pain, more guards pull them away. As he gets up I push the security away and started kicking him again, he falls down and I kick him in his stomach a couple of times then grab his collar "See how it feels, if anything is wrong with her, I'll make sure I finish the job." I whisper in his ear them kick him in his face knocking him out.

I see Ally talking to the officers about what we did while nurses carry Austin away, the officers nod and walk away. My fists hurt so much "Y/N Y/L/N?" A doctor says, "Here! I'm her girlfriend." I said standing up along with the girls, he looks at the clipboard and sighs "I'm Dr. Harris, I'm taking care of y/n." He said and I looked at him waiting for answers "How is she?" I ask.

"She's in a coma, but we noticed that she had a handprint on her neck it looked more of male print also she has a little brain damage do to lack of oxygen, she's not able to breath on her own so we have machines doing it for her." He said, I feel my lip tremble. She's in a coma. "Camz, are you ok?" Lauren asked and I shook my head. I sit down hugging my knees, Ally sits down and rubs my back. I couldn't hold back, I hug her and bawl out my eyes. "Shhh, Mila. It's ok, she's gonna be ok." She whispered and kissed my head

7 hours later

We've been in here all night, my phone keeps blowing up with tweets because I twitted that y/n was in the hospital. Dinah, Lauren, and Normani are sleeping in the chairs while Ally stayed up with me just in case the doctors had any news. "Miss, Cabello?" A young man said and I sit up "Yes." I say "You can go vist her now if you'd like." He said then walked away "Girls wake up, we can visit her now." Ally said and they woke up. I don't wanna see my girl on a hospital bed with tubes in her saving her life, but I find some strength to get up and walk into the room. I take a deep breath then open the door, my heart shatters at the sight.

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