2: anxiety

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Jazmin's POV
"Where are we going?" I asked as I followed them out the door.

"The basketball court."

"Oo yay" I said.

"yup" he said.

"Is it just gonna be us?" I asked.

"No we're gonna meet some friends there." Zabdiel replied.

We went walking since we didn't have a car and it was just a couple blocks up the street.

"Chris I'm tireddd" I whined

"Get on my back" He said as he squatted.

"Yayy" I squealed.

He piggy backed me all the to the park.

Christopher suddenly let me go causing me to fall and scream. He walked away like nothing.

"Need help?" I heard a deep, raspy voice.

I looked up and saw the cutest guy in the world ...

"U-Uh yeah."

He reached out his hand and lifted me up.

"Thanks" I smiled.

"What's your name?" He asked.

I got lost staring at his big green eyes.

"H-Huh what?"

"What's your name?" He smiled with teeth.

"I-It's Jazmin" I stuttered

"That's a cute name. I'm Erick" he said extending his hand to shake mine. I shook his hand and said

He played basketball with Chris, Zabdiel, and the other group of boys. I sat on the grass with Joel, the guy I actually get along with and trust him.

"Where did that Erick guy come from?" I asked him.

"Erick? He just moved here. Do you like him? I can hook you up."

"N-No I'm f-fine." I stuttered once again.

"Are you sure?"

"Okay okay he's cute."

"Aw look who's blushing."

"Stoppp" I said playfully

"Hey I'm not the one who's blushing." He said putting his hands in defense.

I felt someone staring our way and I looked from the corner of my eye and was Erick.

"Hes looking this way what do i do? What do I do?" I panicked.

Note: I have a lot of anxiety.

"Hey hey hey. Stop its gonna be okay." Joel hugged me.

I started to cry. I don't know why but I just did. Joel let go of me and wiped my tears.

"Why are you crying?" He asked.

"I don't know."

"Jazmin tell the truth."

"I am telling you the truth" I started sobbing.

"It's okay Jazmin cry all you want." He hugged me and we stayed like that.

Chris's POV
While I was playing basketball with my crew I heard Jazmin. She was crying. I know why she's crying.

I always asked her why does she cry. Her answer is always I don't know. Over the years I figured out why. She has really bad anxiety. Like really bad.

I looked towards Jazmin and Joel was hugging her. I love how Joel is always protecting her.

"Aye guys TIME!" I called out.

I ran towards Jazmin.

"Jazmin what's wrong?"

"I don't know."

"But I do."

"What?" She let go of Joel.

"I know why you're like this"

"Why" she said wiping her tears.


"Why are you getting nervous? There's nothing to get nervous about."

"Actually there is." Joel jumped in.

"No no no! Don't tell him! Please!" Jazmin said. 

"Sorry Chris I can't tell you."

"I'm gonna end up finding out Jazmin." I said as I walked away.

Jazmin's POV
I couldn't tell Chris why I started crying.

"Are you okay?" Joel asked.

"I think so."

"Want to go wash your face?"

"Yeah can you walk me?"

"Sure" he said as he was getting up.

I got up and Joel walked me to the bathroom hand in hand. It's not like we're dating, it's a friend thing...


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