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I wanted to personally dedicate this story to anyone who has been abuse, dealt with bullying, have problems in your household or school, filled your head with blame and guilt for something you didn't do and anything else. I am truly sorry if you have to have dealt with hardships in your life and I hope that things get better. My mother uses to always tell me "There is always a rainbow after the rain. Yours might not arrive today or tomorrow, but the rainbow will come." Maybe that will make you feel better, it always had for me. I have never experienced anything more than bullying but I have friends who have gone through struggles like abuse and believe that they aren't good enough for anyone on that they shouldn't be alive. Everyone has a purpose and it's up to you if you want to go out there and find it. The book purposely didn't have happy endings because reality doesn't always have that. I appreciate every reader, every share, vote and comment and hope that it have to change your perspective in some type of way. I'm not some high range author or someone super in life, just a regular 16-year-old black girl going through life and realizing how cruel people can be. All I ask today is that you take a stand to bullying, abuse, violence, and people who have no self-confidence. That one boy or girl that no one talks to them, be their friend. Stand up to bully, tell someone. The world doesn't change over one day and it's not going change by itself either. We are the new generation. Do we want to bring our children into the world so hurtful and of evil? Be the good in the world. It'll be hard but also worth it. You not perfect, no one is. Make mistakes, but learn from the ones you make. I'm going finish right here but I was literally thinking about this while in the shower and had to write it down. If no one has told you this yet I LOVE YOU and so does someone else in the world. May not know it now but someone does. PASS THE LOVE ON!!!
- honey and milk

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