Chapter 10

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"Aye, he caused this spectacle, lettin' himself go in front of the entire room!" Ann laughs, peeling vegetables. I giggle giddily, gaping to MacCallan who's on the other side of the table, along with Mildred.

"He must have died of embarrassment!"

"On the contrary! He was too damn gone to realize it and sat down, reeking and sodden for the rest of the night."

MacCallan grimaces with amusement, watching me as I sip ale. These past days without the constant worry of Symon have been unreal. I've woken up each day more and more flushed, more desperate to find Callan.

We're careful not to be seen alone together, only doing that at night when everyone's asleep as to not stir up gossip. I can't help feeling giddy when he's around though. I feel alive. Even more alive than I felt before I was sent here.

"I feel for the poor lads that had to endure that," he says, standing. I feel my heart leap but I force myself to turn away.

"I've got some- work to do in the study... Good day, ladies."

Rubbing my neck awkwardly, I smile, nodding. His eyes linger on mine momentarily before he turns, disappearing into the hallway.

"He's a handsome lad, isn't he?" Mildred states, humming. Ann nods.

"Aye, ye don't find men who take care of themselves like that. He's certainly handsome. What do you think, Gillian?"

I look from the hallway to them, swallowing. "Um, I think he's good-looking, yes."

"The laird occupies your only thoughts though, am I right? That's a fine man."

I press my lips together, looking down.

"I dinna mean to offend, dearie."

"Oh! You didn't... No, talk away."

"You've been brighter lately... hasn't she, Mildred? You're practically glowing."


I shrug, standing. "I'm just happy."

"I'm glad to hear it. Ye were starting to scare me at first. Too pale."

I roll my eyes and set down my mug, starting for the opposite door. I enter the unusually sunny day and hurry for the other entrance of the castle, smiling at whoever I pass by, unable to help it.

I'm back into the dark castle and before MacCallan's study, knocking softly before I know it. He opens it almost immediately, grunting when someone enters the hallway.

I react fast. "I was seeing if you had anything for burning in your throat... I don't know what it's called..." I murmur, watching the woman with bedding pass, not even noticing us speaking. When she turns the corner, he pulls me in quickly, shutting the door and our mouths are one.

I feel my back against the wall as he takes down my hair with fumbling fingers. His tongue, tastes of ale, intoxicating me within moments. I moan as his hand travels lower, over the curve of my hip, pulling my body closer by the fabric of my dress.

"I haven't felt skin as soft as yours in all my life," he murmurs, kissing my jawline. I feel my eyes roll into my skull as he nibbles along my throat.

"Kiss me, again," I utter desperately and he nods.

"Dear lord, aye, I will," he acquiesces, taking my mouth with force. We're desperate and breathless, unable to remain quiet any longer. The intensity has only grown in the passing days. It's getting harder not to touch each other, especially since we have no idea when our last time being together, kissing like this, will be.

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