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Chapter Ten 

Day 10, June 9 

Dear Mr. Diary, 
Hey it's me again...who else would it be? I dunno....Anyways yesterday  was Ezekiel and my first fake date.  
It was really nice. I mean I know it was fake and all but he made it seem real. Like he really did care...I'm just over thinking things. BUT HE'S SO SWEET! He was talking about how he was happy if I was happy, do friends say that kind of stuff? I'm sure they do... 
I don't know diary i just can't get his words out of my head! They just keep playing over and over again! Maybe I should not think about it. Clear my mind... I'm supposed to be worrying about my list anyway. Yeah just focus on the list... 
I can do that!  
So today I have to GO TO AN AMUSEMENT PARK!  
I love roller coasters so much! I could ride them all day! 
So! I did happen to see a fair close by...that should work! I hope, well it's close enough. Plus fairs have cotton candy. Cotton candy is the best!  I can almost taste the sweet sugariness. Yum!  
Now I'm craving cotton candy. 
Love, Love  

"Ezekiel!" I flick his cheek.  
His hand rises from under the thick blanket and swats my hand away groaning loudly in the process.  
"Wake up!" I flick him again, from behind Lannie giggles softly.   
"I don't wanna!" he covers his face with a pillow.  
If he's going to play this way... 
I climb onto his bed and straddle his waist.  
"Ezekiel! I need you to drive me to the fair so I can get sick off cotton candy and puke on a roller coaster." I grab the pillow and tug on it until he releases it from his grasp.  
He opens his eyes and stares at me. 
"I'm sorta liking this. I'd be pretty happy to wake up this way everyday." he smirks. 
I realize what he means and roll onto the floor. Once I'm to my feet again I shout, "You perv!" and hit him with the pillow he had covered his face with.  
He laughs and sits up tossing the pillow to the side.  
"Now," he stands up and stretches his arms above his head, "why's you sexy little ass over here at nine in the morning?"  
I playfully slap his stomach and reply, "You have to drive me to the fair!"  
"I have to drive you some place else!" he whines walking out of the room.  Lannie and i follow him to the kitchen where he grabs a bowl and fills it with Coco Pebbles.  
"Yeah!" I put on my cutest smile. 
Ezekiel sighs, "I guess I'll take you, but you owe me!"  
"Yay!" I tackle him with a bear hug. He laughs and hugs back. I let go and skip to the door. 
"By the way Jamie and Lannie want to come!" 
Lannie backs me up by nodding excitedly, "I like fairs,they have lots of fun rides!"  
I open the door but before I can leave Ezekiel stops me. 
"What about Callie?" he asks. 
"I don't know, what about her?" 
"Let's invite her. I mean we always do stuff without her."  
"No!" I panic. Tracy will defiantly come if she knew I was going!  
"We're inviting her." he proclaims getting out a milk carton.  
It's official. Today I shall die!  

"Aww Logie I remember the time we went to the state fair!" Tracy gushes. 
I take a deep breath, I can do this...maybe. 
"Yeah, I dropped my ice cream." 
Tracy giggles and starts messing with my hair. What's with people and my hair?! 
Lannie looks at us both and smiles, " You two must of had lots of fun!"  
"Oh yeah we had tons of fun! I was so surprised to find out he knew Callie!" she stops playing with my hair (thank God!) and wraps he skinny Tracy arms around me. I think i liked the hair thing better...
I spot Ezekiel eyeing us from the mirror  
"Whoa! Now Tracy I know you and Logan were close but he's my boyfriend now. Sadly I'm the jealous type."  
I give him a thankful smile as Tracy lets go. 
"You know, I've see you go out with guys and stuff," Tracy sighs, "I always just thought you were just kidding." YES SHE FINALLY GOING STOP BUGGING ME! "But I still think you're just confused. Don't worry I can wait!" CRAP! 
My eyes widen and I shift closer to the window. Yes I was forced to sit in the back again only this time we had an extra person so it was very crowed. At least I got a window seat! Too bad Tracy just so happened to sit next to me... 
"I'm sorry Tracy, I just don't like-" 
She cuts me off, "Sure you don't. I know eventually you'll come running back to me. They all do."  
Wait a second...I finally get it! I'm the only person who's ever broke up with her. That's why she's so crazy! Heh, I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out. 
Now if only I could get her to stop... 
"I'm gay!!!" I tell her for the 100th time, "I like guys, not icky girls!" 
She rolls her eyes, "whatever Logie you know it's a lie." 
"Jamie!" I whine, "tell her!!"  
I hear a loud sigh as he turns around. 
"Tracy just leave him alone..." and with that he faces the front again.  
Like that helped!  

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