It had been 6 months since the birth of their baby. Hermione - like all mothers - was going through postpartum depression. It was 10x worse for her since she was already moping about her parents. The night she went to make ammends to her parents they stood outside their house for 5 minutes pacing back and forth before she decided to go home. Draco didn't know what to do, he had one thing in mind but he wasn't sure how it would play out. Finally he decided to give it a go, if he didn't try he wouldn't know.

"Hey love, I will be back in a few okay." Draco said as he stuck his head into the room where Hermione was putting their daughter to sleep. She just nodded her head and Draco set out.

Getting into the car Draco headed to his in-laws, he needed to get them and Hermione talking again. 4 minutes later he pulled up outside their house. Taking a deep breath Draco relaxed his nerves and headed to the front door. Knocking twice he waited.

"Draco!" Hermione's mother spoke kindly before standing aside so he could come in. She seemed happy to see him but her husband was like always. "Would you like some tea?"

"No thank you mum" Draco declined. "I'm here to talk to you two about Hermione"

Mr. and Mrs. Granger looked at him with interest, only Mrs. Granger had a look of worry on her face.

"Is she okay?"

"She is fine but I need to talk to you about her. You see 6 months ago we had our first baby a girl. Her name is Avril Hermione Malfoy"

Mrs Grangers eyes watered as she smiled. "Avril, she named her after me" she crooned as she used a hanky to dry her eyes.

Draco nodded. "I'm sure you are wondering why you hadn't known about her pregnancy"

Mrs. Granger looked to her husband and then back to Draco before she shook her head. "Do you know why hun?" she asked her husband.

Mr. Granger shook his head.

"I am sorry to disagree sir but you are the very reason why." Draco defended.

Mrs. Granger turned to look at her husband with a discomforted look on her face. "What is she talking about. Pierre?"

Draco cut him off and began speaking. "During the wedding your husband upset her, that is why I asked you all to leave. He went on about her not being with Brody,  I walked in on him beating her."

Mrs. Grangers eyes widened as she brought her hand to her mouth. Apparently she didn't know about this.

"There are some things you need to know before you judge our relationship. The reason she came home early during the last school year is because there was a war. I am unsure if you know about the Lord Voldemort." Mr. and Mrs. Granger nodded their heads. "Hermione and her friends Ron and Hermione and myself spent that year on the run to try and find the means to bring him down which worked."

"Our Hermione chasing after someone that wants her dead." Mrs. Granger whined

I nodded my head. "My parents were with the Dark Lord as one of his followers, one day I got word that Hermione and them had been caught and they were bringing them in. It was my job to identify them, I lied and helped them escape and then I set out with them from there on. Near the end the Dark Lord was against me when I announced my love for Hermione in front of everyone. He told my parents to kill me and then kill Hermione or he would kill them."

Hermione's mother looked as if she was in a state of shock.

"They saw how much she ment to me and they opted out, they chose death. You two are the closest thing to parents I have left and I don't want us arguing like this. I want Hermione to be happy and I want our kids to be able to see their grandparents..."

Hermione's father cut it. "Well that doesn't explain why she wouldn't let us know" he snapped.

"She saw how much you disapproved of our marraige and didn't want her daughter to be unapproved of just because she was our child. She knew she couldn't keep out one without keeping out the other." Draco finished quietly.

Mrs. Granger looked at her husband and jabbed her finger at his chest, tears streaming down her face. "You better pull yourself together cause if I miss out on my grandchilds life because of your ignorance-"

"-When can we see her, our daughter and grand daughter?" Mr. Granger asked.

I stood to my feet and headed towards the door. "We can go now, but you have to promise you will try to accept what is. I love your daughter with all my heart and despite whether or not we are living in the muggle world or magical world she and our daughter is taken care of. If you can't accept us please atleast try and fake it when you are around."

Mrs. Granger walked forward quickly and wrapped her arms around me.

"The way you were raised I can imagine how hard it was to turn against your family, especially in front of the Voldermort. I heard stories from Hermione about what he believes in, several years we didn't want her going back but she wanted to, she was happy. You were willing to risk dying to show your love for her to the world and your parents were brave dying instead of taking your and my daughters life. I always have approved of you as my daughters husband and now I know I was right."

Mr. Granger walked over casually to them and nodded his head before shaking Draco's hand. "Well I know I've been hard on you but like any father, they always want the best for their daughter. I was so worried about her getting hurt that I was hurting her by my actions."

Draco smiled as his words before he headed towards the car. Heading towards the house Draco glanced over to his mother in-law  "If you two want you can stay a night or two so you can see your beautiful granddaughter. She looks like her mother. Beautiful brown eyes, brown hair." Draco trailed off as he was missing them and he had only been gone for an hour.

"Who lives here?" Mr. Granger spoke.

"We do, I bought this house a few months before she gave birth. I wanted enough room for comfort but also wanted it small enough for Hermione to be comfortable before and after her pregnancy. While I went to college with Hermione for that one year I found that in your world real estate is a big money maker so I am having the old manor renovated and will be using it as a hotel."

"Very impressive." Mr. Granger said as he got out of the car.

They headed up towards the house and entered. Hermione had just walked in from the kitchen where she had made Avril a bottle and stopped in her tracks.

"Mum, dad" she breathed.

Draco walked quickly to her side and took the baby and bottle into her arms. The moment Hermione's arms were free she ran into her parents arms and began crying.

"I've missed you so much love" her mother crooned.

Draco brought the baby over to his in-laws and they began cooing over her.

"She looks just like your baby pictures Hermione" Mr. Granger spoke as he took Avril into his arms.

Hermione walked over and leaned into Draco who wrapped his arms around her. They exchanged a passionate kiss between one another as they watched Avril getting attention and love from her grandparents. Moving to the love seat Hermione sat on Draco's lap.

"So this is where you went, to bring my parents to me?"

Draco nodded his head. "I explained to them about the war and our love and everything. They realized that it would take a true man in love with a woman to do what I did, especially when my actions could have killed me. I love you Hermione."

"I love you too, and our daughter."

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