Chapter 1

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Ayesha's POV

Ring Ring!

I wake up to the sound of the annoying alarm clock, and press it to turn it off.

Today was Monday which meant University.

Don't get me wrong. I love to study, but waking up, is always tough for me.

I get up from the comfy bed, put on my slippers and walk to the bathroom. I do the daily routine of brushing my teeth and taking a bath. I go back to my room. It was a big bedroom, with peach walls and a queen size bed. I had a bookshelf that had all of my favorite books. You see, I love reading, and when I am bored, I don't go on Facebook or any other social media, like any typical teenager. I just sit on my comfy bed and read Maze Runner or Harry Potter.

I walk to my closet and look for classy clothes, after searching for a coupe mins. I settle on white jeans, white shirt and a white coat, as weird as it sounds, it actually looks pretty good. The hijab I picked for it is peach colored which complements the look pretty well.

"Ayesha, dear! Come down, Breakfast is ready!" Ammi, called out.

Yes, I live with my family. My brother is 25 years old and is a police officer. My whole family is educated and I am grateful for that. Uneducated people disgust me. After changing my clothes, I pick out light peach colored small heels, I am not a fan of big heels. I put on eyeliner and pink gloss and walk downstairs.

I see my brother in his uniform, eating breakfast. My papa is reading a newspaper, and my Ammi is preparing tea.

"I'm here" I say, trying to get their attention.

"Took you long enough" My papa says, looking up from the newspaper.

"Girls.." My brother, Hussain, says, shaking his head.

I simply shake my head and walk to the table and sit besides my brother.

"So, how's work going, Hussain?'' I ask, trying to create a conversation.

"Hmm, good, No big crimes happening lately" My brother said, joy evident in his voice.

I just nodded in reply and looked over to my papa.

My papa is a handsome man, with his black hair and yellowish-gold eyes, my brother kind of looks like him. Ammi enters the living room with a tray in her hand, her hair is made in a bun, and she looks gorgeous. Ammi is really the most beautiful woman I have ever seen with her light brown hair and brown eyes. Sadly I didn't get that from her, but I have grey eyes and black hair and I proud of who I am. At least I study, unlike some pretty girls in my school who seem to come for a fashion show to the university.

Ammi places the tray on the table and I reach for my cup.

Ammi made pancakes for breakfast today, and I have to admit, they were very delicious. I look at the time on my watch.

I only have 10 minutes, so I quickly eat my breakfast, tasting the deliciousness of the food and then drink my hot tea.

"Ammi, I should go now, only 10 minutes are left and I have to revise for my test too" I say, before picking up my bag.

I walk to my Ammi and kiss her on the cheek, ruffle my brother's hair, and say goodbye to my papa.

Oh! Did I mention my father is very rich? Educated people always have a good life.

As I walk out of my mansion-like house. I wince at the heat. I can never walk in this weather to University. I will have to find a taxi.


Ammi - Is the urdu word for mother/mom


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