Chapter 1- Best Friends and Roommates

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      Alex Morgan, a 22 year old, plays professional soccer for Cal. She's a typical college girl, very hardworking both on and off the field, and very committed to what she's passionate about.She's very dedicated to her studies and soccer alike. Her best friend and roommate,Tobin Heath,happens to play soccer as well. Tobin is Alex's only friend; she understands Alex quite well, what annoys her and what doesn't, what does she like and dislike, and so on. Also, Alex is quite shy, and she needed someone to bring up the adventurous side of her personality. 

7:15 A.M. -College Dorm

"Tobin, wake up, we will miss our economy class! 5 more minutes or I am leaving without you!!" says Alex rather harshly.

Tobin replies in a sleepy voice:"Okay,okay, calm down Lex! I'll be ready in 2"

"Okay,but hurry up please!"

7:30 A.M. -Heading to class

"We can't be late everytime to class Tobs!"Alex says in a partly angry voice, "Professor Maria already kinda hates us because we both got a bad grade last test."

"Lex..." Tobin always calls Alex, Lex, she had nicknames for everyone, "Can you please calm down?! We are on our way to class."

Alex sighs and says"Fine, I'll calm down, but you have to be on time from now on."

Tobin sighs deeply.

7:45 A.M. -Alex and Tobin enter class

Professor Maria, sitting on her desk as usual with her black formal pants and non-smiling face says in a strict tone"Tobin Powell Heath and Alexandra Patricia Morgan, you are 1 minute late and so you are dismissed from my class today!"

"B-but professor,Tobin slept in and I had to wait for her."Alex hoping to take the class,blurts those words out without thinking,but she soon realizes that she made a big mistake..she blamed her only best friend in front of 40 other students and the most strict professor.

Tobin looked to Alex with a mix of feeling betrayed and just...sadness.

"Alexandra, you can stay,Tobin you are dismissed."professor Maria replied. She never called her students by their short names,but rather the long original passport name.

     So Tobin goes to their campus café and grabs a coffee, and then heads to the dorm room. She sits on her bed and starts sipping her coffee while reading what she'll miss out in class. Obviously, Tobin felt hurt from the words that her best friend said, but she decided she will remain calm. Plus, being chill was Tobin's thing, and she didn't like to get into arguments,especially with her best friend.

9:00 A.M. -Alex goes back to their room

     Alex quietly enters the room..she didn't know what to expect from Tobin. Will Tobin be angry? Will they fight? Will Tobin be in the room anyways? So many questions were storming in Alex's head, but she decided to calm down her inner storm and see what was going to happen.

"So,how was class?!"Tobin asks a bit harshly.

"Look..Tobs...I-I'm  sorry, I didn't mean to say what I said earlier today."

"Well,I'm sorry for being late, too....I guess"


"More like best friends!!"

So,Alex and Tobin decided that was it with the arguing for today!

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