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[January 30, 2016
3:34 pm]

"Be honest with me, Jere."

Jeremy Lockwood sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. He was already on edge with the pursing a warrant to go through the houses and Zheng's charges.

Now he had to tell the man who was a close friend of his how long he could get. So many years without possibly seeing his son or husband again or ever.

"58 minimum." He answered honestly. Zheng sighed as he brought his hands together. He was itching for a cigar to smoke right now. 58 years didn't sound so bad but Leo was barely 6 yet, he can't miss his baby's life.

"And the maximum sentence?" Zheng asked despite not truly wanting to hear it.

"I have a hole in the police station along with the prosecutor group. The maximum you are looking at is undetermined but it's in the three digit number."

"Three fucking digit. You're not shitting me are you? They really are making this into a field day might as well make it four digit." Zheng spat out.

Jeremy sighed "Trust me I'm trying to fix this but this shit is hard. I can't find anymore fucking loopholes or loose ends I can pull on. I've been searching through everything, I mean everything but I can't find anything else.

Some of the men will go to jail with you but separate out of county jails. They refuse to put you in a jail with any of them."

"Dominic? Hunter?" Zheng asked concern dropping into his voice at the mention of his best friend and husband.

"Dominic is off completely but he will be monitored until they can find something to stick. I argued and proved that he hasn't been spotted with you anywhere.

Right now he's a free man until the state can find some way to change it. Hunter is currently be argued over forcing him to the stand against you, however they I doubt the judge is going to order it.

I argue how badly they treat gay spouses worst than heterosexual on the stand. He's gay, himself so we might be able to win that fight. Even if he wasn't I still have more arguments.

There are still laws out and set about spouses unable to testify in court against each other. Even if they did magically get him up there, I'll order for dismissal. The things you both would have discussed would have been pillowtalk between husbands."

Zheng nodded at the words but that didn't rest his heart. He knew Hunter would never testify against him even if ordered. Hunter would be sent to jail for the failure to comply and Zheng knew they won't put them together.

Even if it meant never seeing his son or Hunter again, Zheng would go to prison. He'll accept every charge brought against him if it meant Hunter and Leo were safe always. He would do anything for them.

"What can I do?"

"Nothing right now but cooperate. We don't need to give these officers any reason to add more charges. Now we need to focus on the main problem: witnesses."

"Witnesses? There should be no witnesses alive." Zheng hissed. If he found out one of his men let a witness live, they'll wish they were dead.

Jeremy glanced at the one way mirror, pulling his chair closer to Zheng. "Calm down Hulk. There are no witnesses except the ones the prosecutor brought. However I have no idea who they are because they claim I would somehow influence them to recant their statements.

I won't be allowed to see them until the day of the trial. I can't find any paper trails to prove that they're purchase them. You and I both know hearsay will only get you so far."

Zheng sighed running a hand through his black locks, "Who's my judge?"

"Judge Judy Sheindlin."

"That old bitch is still alive. Ha. I would have thought she would have killed the bucket now. I highly doubt she'll get the case."

"She might. She's been fighting for it mainly because she claims to keep Chicago clean. She doesn't like you and I know for a fact she's already in the prosecutor's back fucking pocket.

I'm fighting to get her dismissed for former involvement but it's hard. I rather have Judge Mathis for you. He doesn't know you or the prosecutor so it's be a fair shot."

"Fair shot? I want out now."

"An I'm trying but shut isn't easy especially with your past. Remember when you decide to go a random killing spree on Brazil, Paris and Oregon. I already have enough to cover those up but now they're digging into it.

Mathis is the only judge I know won't automatically label you. He used to be a former drug dealer and gangster himself but he changed. Hopefully he'll see some part of you can be changed."

Zheng nodded at the words it seemed like Judge Mathis was his best option.
[January 30, 2016
5:34 pm]

No words.

No movement.

Hunter simply smiled at Chief. He knew his father told lies about him when he disappeared. He claimed that Hunter was kidnapped from the house but they had no proof.

Zheng kept him hidden well until he reached the legal age of 18. Which meant no one could touch him especially with that pretty ring on his finger.

 Which meant no one could touch him especially with that pretty ring on his finger

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"You're Mr. Lombardi-Fiu's husband."

Hunter smiled brightly flashing his custom made ring on his finger. "Yeah, I am but that's not why I'm here. I want to see my husband."

"He's busy."

"Ivy and Micah are getting big now aren't they Chief Harris. An it looks like Michele is gonna pop out your little baby boy Trevor any day now."

If you wanna marry me, get me Hunter's ring.

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