Broken Wings Part 1

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I Walk Alone

Hawkpaw was woken by her brother, Falconpaw, poking her excitedly with a paw.

"Get up! Your as dormant as a bear in hibernation!" he meowed excitedly, "Or did you forget today was our Warrior ceramony!"

Her eyes shot open and she jumped to her paws in a rush, bowling over her sister Kestralpaw in the process. Falconpaw's saphire blue eyes were sparking with excitement and his tan fur was radiating nervousness mixed with curiousity. Kestralpaw was washing her grey fur with no sign of emotion. Hawkpaw turned, spotting her brother's mentor Wolfclaw trotting in. Wolfclaw was Mountainclan deputy and the future leader. Her fur was a golden with brown spots all arround.

"Ready?" she purred, approaching her apprentice. "I'm proud of you."

Hawkpaw wanted to gag. It was obvious that this she-cat had a little something going on for her brother. She hated it. And the way Falconpaw responded only made it worse; he actually looked like he had something for her! And she was MOONS older then him! She hissed under her breath and stalked out of the den, followed closely by Kestralpaw who has sensed her sister's distress.

"Your pelts bristling," murmured Kestralpaw, stroking her sister dark brown tabby fur.

"It just bugs me is all..." Hawkpaw meowed.

"Who doesn't it bug? I think even dad is starting to pick up on it."

As if on cue, Eaglestar stepped out of the den, his golder fur waving in the breeze.

"May all cats gather before high rock for a clan meeting," he called, his musical voice ringing out through all the clearing.

Cats began to gather, their fur all shades of colors. The cream coated medicine-cat Swansong stepped out of her den and Krestalpaw ran to meet her mentor.

"Lucky," Hawkpaw murmured. She had never told anyone, but she was kind of jelous of her sister, since she was Swansong's apprentice. Shaking her fur, she drew her red front paw up to her jaws and began to groom herself. Her white stomach fur was intertwined with scraps of moss. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Wolfclaw and Falconpaw emerging from the apprentice den. A flash of white beside her allerted her that her mother Kitetalon was running around, trying to find all her kits before the ceramony.

Eaglestar snarled commanding silence, and the crowd of excited cats fell to a hush. "Today we are here to welcome five apprentices into our warrior family."

Hawkpaw was confused at first, but then remembered that the two other apprentices were her good friends Bramblepaw and her brother Swiftpaw

"We'll start with the two siblings. Bramblepaw, please step forward."

She obeying, her amber eyes and tortise-shell fur clearly showing nervousness.

"Do you promise to uphold our clan's traditions and protect your fellow cats, even with your life?"

"I do," she replied.

"Then from this moment forward you will be called Brambletail. Starclan honors you loyalty and intelligence."

The rest of the ceramony went the same way, Swiftpaw became Swiftflight, and Falconpaw was Falcontalon. Krestalpaw became Krestalpool, a fine name for a medicine-cat, but a bit too soft for a warrior (thankfully she wasn't). It seemed like forever until he called Hawkpaw up. She was nervous, despite the fact that the leader was her father.

"Hawkpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Hawkclaw. Starclan honors your br-" he broke off with a snarl, catching her off guard.

Rising yowls were coming from the crowd of cats, and Hawkclaw's worst fear was becoming a reality. It was said far before she was born, that over the claw of a hawk a battle will rage and a fight will be lost. All the cats had known this. She had been set for the sloughter moons before she had been born. It wasn't until she was pinned to the ground by the leader did she realize what was happening. Her instincts kicked in and she hurled the larger tom off of her. Bounding to her paws, she waited with anticipation for his next move. He didn't strike, instrad he just circled her, his amber eyes flashing. Slowly, he began driving her back towards the entrance tunnel. Cats spread and allowed her through as she backed up to avoid the much larger tom. As she felt the tunnels thorns tearing at her fur, she saw him draw nearer.

"I would have killed you," he snarled so silently that no one but Hawkclaw could hear him, "I would have, had you given me the chance. But I didn't, you didn't. You're lucky you're leaving here with your life. So go. Leave this clan, and never return."

She scampered backwards out of the tunnel and into the forest. Once out of camp, she fled, a ghost in the night.

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