The Manor; chapter 6

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Once again, I'm dedicating a chapter of this to FeverSeries because she bothered me until I finally gave in. It will also be dedicated to a certain boy who put me back in the mood to write something dark. Without him, it probably already would have had a happy ending. So, thank you to asshole guys. Enjoy! xoxo~Ash


Clayton McMillen

The Ebony girl's hair was exactly like Emma's. Long, blonde and loosely curled. And the way the sun shone off it made it look like spun gold. But nothing else about the tall, statuesque blonde woman was anything like his Emma. Or, not his anymore. Jason's Emma.

"Are you gonna' be okay?" she suddenly asked. Clayton turned to her with a bemused look on his face. Ebony gestured to his body. "You look like someone beat the living hell of you then decided to starve you on top of it." Clayton barked a small laugh. Since when did anyone care if he looked to skinny?

"Yeah, I'll be good." As soon as it stopped hurting just to breathe. And after carrying Jailbait, holy hell but did it hurt. He'd always had this problem, covering up injuries by just overworking himself until season was finally over and he got a short, month long break. Usually long enough to heal whatever injuries he'd obtained. But sometimes, not. He still had knee issues from Freshman year.

"So what brings you here?" he asked Ebony.

"My sister and I, we had it rough for a while." Clayton laughed, but stopped when he realized Ebony was standing still.

"Oh, come on. Everyone's here 'cause they've been having some hard times." Ebony shook her head and didn't move.

"Jade and I, we aren't like the rest of you. We aren't total- total... fuck-ups!" Clayton just laughed again and nodded a little.

"True, we are all here because we fucked up something in our lives. But remember, Ebony, fuck-ups usually had help fucking shit up. And I'm sure you've done some fucked up shit in your time too. So don't you dare get up on your high, snow white horse and go judging us. You. Have. No. Right." With that he turned on his heel and loped back up to the Manor leaving Ebony standing there, watching him with his easy grace and straight, straight back.

Amber Manett

The pretty blonde girl had left her with a second cookie that Amber just stared at. She'd used to make Hunter cookies all the time. No reason was ever needed. She would think of him and decide to make him a batch. Ever so rare in a born and raised Manhattan girl. That was why they'd gotten along so well. Hunter had been from a small town in Georgia where everyone and her mother had cookies and lemonade on the porch every day, ready for the passing kids. No one did that in Manhattan.

Amber had always been rather recluse and shy. The overtly sexual ways of the boys she'd gone to school with had made her nervous. Then Hunter came in, two years older than her, sweet in the extreme and oddly protective. The relationship had soon flourished and they fell totally in love. Everyone at their private school had laughed at them because they weren't having sex. But Hunter had done that too many times, according to him, and he'd wanted it to be special for Amber.

Suddenly angry at the turn her thoughts had taken Amber strode from her room and down the hall into Clayton's. He was lying shirtless on his bed, looking entirely at ease. When she swept into his room, he raised up on one elbow, making the muscles down his arm and side ripple. Yes, he'd be perfect, Amber thought.

"Will you do it?" she asked him. Clayton raised an eyebrow.

"Do what, exactly?"

"Take my virginity." His mouth gaped open and closed as he gaped at her. It took so long for Clayton to answer, Amber started to feel awkward and her cheeks were turning red. He was disgusted, she could tell. Biting down on her lip she muttered,

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