Chapter 4

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"It's amazing Suga!" You exclaim
"Thanks, do you think it's good enough for the world to hear?" He asks you
"Yeah, why?" You ask
"Because we enter the school talent show every year and we always win."he replies
"Wow" you reply

"If you don't mind me asking, what made you turn into a bully?" He asks
"I'll tell you my story then" You sigh looking at the sky

"Well, it all started when my mum was pregnant with me, my dad had an affair with my mum's coworker and I ended out with a step sister who was the same age as me. When we turned 3 her mum died so she moved in with us. She acted nice for a year untill one day she decided to sleep on the floor instead of our shared bed. My parents came in asking why she's on the floor and she replied with '(Y/N) said that if I sleep on the bed she'll kill me' and showed them bruises she made on herself blaming me. They took her to their room and let her watch a movie, I was scared about what my punishment would be but it was worse than I thought."

"My parents beat me with a shoe and whipped me with belts for my punishment, I was only 7. Then i found all of my nice things belonged to Drazella (the mean girl) and my new bedroom was under the stairs, all pictures of me were removed, my birthday was forgotten by everyone except myself, i was neglected I wore the same clothes for years, it was if i was a disease, my own parents used to call me fat even though I couldn't be as I only ate on sunday evenings. This is when I started to develop a cold attitude.

This went on for another few years untill I was 11 I needed money so I stole Drazella's ripped clothes that were in the bin, sewed them and used her perfume then i got a job singing at a pub my dad doesn't like to go to so i could earn money without getting caught.

In school my grades were low because Drazella did my work while I did her's so her grades were high.When she was 14 she went out with her 23rd boyfriend and they went to the club, she came back drunk, high and my parents patted her back and said 'did you have a good time' she dropped out of school and moved to America, one week later her boyfriend killed her.

My parents were devastated and I was relieved, then my parents got in their states while I'm like this, these are fresh bruises from yesterday, my dad got a bit too drunk and ya know did this."

I looked over to Suga seeing him staring at the floor, then i look up and see the rest of Bts doing the same.
"Well I'll guess you all heard that too then, judging by your expressions" I say
"Come here" Jungkook steps forward, offering me a hug, my eyes brighten up and I slowly give him a hug feeling his arms wrap around me. I feel safe, happy, wanted, and...

I feel loved.

A tear slips down my cheek as the others join in calling 'group hug'

"So this is how it feels to be wanted" I start, "I forgot this feeling, I love it"

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