Chapter Nineteen

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[Chapter Nineteen]

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[Chapter Nineteen]

Despite his attempt to take a nap instead of venturing to class, Ringo didn't feel at all rested afterwards as his entire sleeping pattern had been disrupted with nightmares and terrors of his past. When he finally woke up, the shirt of his uniform was practically drenched in sweat, along with forehead. He lifted his hand touching the top of his head, only to feel the sweat on his hand. Thankfully, as Ringo looked around, there was no sign of any of his dormmates, giving him some privacy. Carefully, he pushed himself up and decided on taking another quick show to rinse himself off. He had a little bit of time before Care of Magical Creatures class if he hurried enough. 

He was sure that at some point during the day he was going to get a lecture about skipping History of Magic from one of the professors but he honestly didn't care. But he didn't want to bother with too much trouble, so he had to attend his next class. However, as he crawled out of his bed, Ringo felt slightly dizzy, taking a moment to steady himself before making his way to the showers. His body was on the brink of exhaustion, he could hear the creaking sound of his stomach over the rushing sound of the water while he stood in the shower, but he chose to ignore it. 

The shower was quick, just like the one before and Ringo made sure to get dressed rapidly, so he would have time to actually find where the class would be taking place. The class was under Professor Kettleburn, taught on the third floor, unless specified if a lesson was taking place outdoors. Ringo was walking around, trying to figure out the moving staircases that were more of a nuisance than they were helpful. He had to wait as the stairs either moved to the wrong stairwell or didn't move at all. It only left him frustrating when all he was trying to do was make an effort to get to the stupid class on time. 

Finally, he did manage to get the right pattern that brought him to the third floor and saw a few other students around his age making their way to a classroom. Among the students, he instantly recognised the flamboyant colours of Tonks and Charlie making their way inside. 

"Of course," he muttered to himself. "Of course, they would be here as if there aren't over a hundred different students at this school. They always happen to show up."

As he entered the classroom, Charlie and Tonks waved him over to sit with them, bringing Ringo to roll his eyes in protest, but as he looked around the classroom, everyone else looked absolutely terrified at the idea of him sitting near them. It truly felt like he didn't have an option as he walked over to the table and took the remaining seat at the end next to Tonks. He didn't look at them though, leaning his head into his hand so that it blocked the view of the two as he faced forward.

He was hoping that Charlie nor Tonks would attempt to start a conversation with him, because he honestly didn't feel like talking. He was suffering from a massive headache that was leaving him to feel dizzy again. All he wanted to do was place his head down on the table and close his eyes once more, but just before he could, the professor walked in or rather, rolled in.

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