Cheater..(His Imagine)

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"Y/N! Y/N, what the f_ck are you doing!? Put my sh_t down!" "Nah, man! You wanna cheat huh? I'ma show yo' a__!" Only a few moments ago I had caught him cheating on me some broad in the same exact bed that I lay my head. Then this n_gga had the nerve to say 'she came onto me.' -_-

So I decided to get back at him..

I grabbed every single pair of shoes and clothes I could grab, threw 'em in the tub, and lit all that sh_t on fire. Next thing you know it started 'raining' in our apartment.

I smiled to myself in satisfaction. And by the time he came into the bathroom, the majority of his shoes were just ashes.

"What the h_ll is wrong with you!? Have you lost your d_mn mind!?" He had some nerve. "Have you lost yours!? You had no right to be f_cking around in MY bed, where I lay MY head every single night!" "That don't mean you gotta burn all my sh_t, Y/N!" I smiled, "Oh, I know. I just want you to know who your f_cking with.."

And with that I left. Never looking back at his sorry a__

Hey, Guys. I Just Wanted To Give You Guys A little Itty Bitty Taste Of Some Stuff I Do When I'm Bored. So The Next Time It'll Be Longer. So If You Want An Imagine, Just Comment. I Promise It'll Be Better Than This..