Third Person POV:

Alex was walking down a hallway, one of the many hallways the Palace had. She turned on a corner and saw a painting she used to admire as a kid, it was a landscape of a forest with a river flowing in between the trees it made her feel calm and even though she was pretty sure that painting was valued in millions of euros that wasn't why she loved it. It still surprised her how much she remembered this place after all those years. Below the painting was a beautiful table from the 1700s or so she liked to believe and in it rested beautiful exotic flowers who were most likely from overseas. She remembered being a little kid and trying to find hidden passages in the castle with her brother- kind of like a competition- whoever found them could claim them and this was her first one. Behind the painting you could lift the wallpaper and press a button that opened a door disguised as a wooden column at the end of the hall. She smiled at the memory and kept walking until she reached a balcony.

She didn't know how long she had been sitting there, she was too lost in her own thoughts to hear the person approaching her. When the person placed a hand on her shoulder she thought it was Melissa but when she didn't smell her fiancé's vanilla scent she realized it was her mother.

"Are you ok?" To Alex's surprise it wasn't her mother either, it was Anna.

The tall brunette sat down beside her and Alex had time to admire her professional attire and olive skin. "Uh..." She was still lost in her own thoughts and it took her awhile to form a coherent sentence. "Yes... I mean no." Anna's brow furrowed, she hated seeing Alex this troubled, after all she was still in love with the princess. "I don't know." She let out a deep breath as she spoke those words.

Alex had her head down. Anna could tell she wasn't sad nor angry so she allowed the blonde to gather her thoughts, if not she would've been far too worried to let the blonde think and instead would be questioning her about what was troubling her, Anna would do anything to make Alex happy. "Alex," She said softly, she wanted to know what was wrong, off course she had no idea that Alex just spoke to her parents and that they dropped several bombs on her, good ones off course, the princess thought to herself. ", talk to me."

So she did. She told Anna everything that happened minutes ago and as she was talking she noticed all the faces Anna made, how she was scared when Alex told her about meeting with her parents, how she looked relieved when she found out her parents weren't pressuring her and how she looked hurt when the princess told her that her mother was willing to accept Melissa because that's all Anna would've needed a couple years ago to still be with Alex, her parent's approval and now it was Melissa getting it. But as much as she tried to be mad, she just couldn't, her heart was too big and too kind to be filled with hatred towards the couple.

Anna grabbed Alex's hands and stared at her lovingly. "Alex I know you think your mom is going to change her mind and suddenly decide she hates you and that's why you are so torn right now, but it will not happen. From what you told me I think she's not lying. I know you always expect the worst, because after all everything good has been taken from you, but you have to give yourself a chance to believe that maybe things are looking up."

It amazed Alex how much Anna actually knew her and how her words really helped her calm down. And to be honest maybe the brunette was right, things were looking up, she was going to marry the love of her life for instance, but Alex realized that Anna still had no idea she proposed to Melissa and after how supportive her ex girlfriend had been she thought she deserved the truth. "Anna, there's one more thing I think you should know." Anna nodded slowly and looked at the girl she was in love with carefully. "I..." Alex couldn't bear look at Anna, not when she was looking at her with such adoration in her eyes, so she looked away. "I proposed to Melissa." She quickly said and soon added. "And she said yes."

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