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i'm trying to slip nontoxic and realistic ideas into this story that are a basis of a healthy relationship and friendship that i hope you guys pick up on because they are important! people don't complete people and it takes a while to give out your trust. this is kinda weird because it's just like "luke hates his job" and then it stems our into something dramatic and big yikes.

also this will be solely luke's point of view.

chapter eleven; people don't complete people

Luke hated his job.

He hated everything about it from the stupid flowers that made him sneeze sometimes and the bright interior and the colours all around him—he wanted it all to burn. Metaphorically, of course.

However, his opinion was a little biased. Truthfully Carolyn's Flower Shoppe was a diminutive structure that was on the corner of Sycamore Street in near town square. The store had a range of beautiful, exquisite flowers that varied in colour, size, and pattern. The whole place seemed quite alluring, especially since every one seemed attracted to Carolyn's bouquets of art. But, the place was mainly unknown except for a few common customers.

Luke knew a lot about flowers, due to how much time he spent at his job and how long he'd worked there. It was a bit geeky actually, because he was considerably fascinated by plants and their meanings and outward appearances, but his mood just instantly turned sour when he had to work at CFS daily. He was a good worker, though he was tardy frequently and could come off as a dick, but recently he'd been getting better at keeping his attitude separate from his fake positivity that he showed the customers.

He despised every crevice, every crack, and every corner of CFS and the very thought of the place made him feel dreadful. He couldn't quit, though he would very much like to, because he needed this job for money and Calum already hated him enough without getting mad at him for being late with his share of the rent. There was, of course, a reason he hated being here that was much deeper than just contempt and laziness. He hadn't shown up to work in the past couple of weeks, maybe even a month, and he knew he should've gotten fired, but he saved up a lot of sick days and this was the first time in a long time that he had actually shown up.

His ex-girlfriend, Delilah, had first met Luke in CFS. She was one of his unhealthy relationships, but she was the one that meant the most.

Both of them were young then, just fresh out of high school, searching for a better life. Luke had just become an apprentice, helping out to grow roses since it was a simple task on his first day. He was running to get some spray bottles near the front when a beautiful girl with big green eyes stepped in, colliding against him. They had both fallen over, messing some things up, but they both laughed anyway. To make up for it, he gave her a rose.

That was the start of it all.

Soon, they began to grow closer as friends and friends became friends with benefits. They were stupid and reckless, but to Luke it was like fire the way his body felt up close and personal to hers. It was the first time he had ever felt such desire, such lust. They constantly slept together, calling each other up during their worst days, pounding at each other's doors at 3 AM for some type of late night booty call.

Luke loved kissing her, he loved having sex with her, he loved talking to her—he loved her.

But just sex wasn't how a relationship worked. There needs to be more foundation to build a bond, there needs to be trust, love, care, passion. And Luke had that, but Delilah didn't. The day he told her that he loved her and wanted more—she ran. And Luke never saw her again, as though their memories had meant nothing.

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