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1: the "ugliest"

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Jazmin's POV
My name is Jazmin. I am fifteen years old and I have a brother named Christopher. 

Christopher is sixteen. But he acts like a ten year old. But it's okay because I do sometimes too.

He has a lot of friends more than me actually. I like to keep it real with a small group with just two friends.

My two friends are named Jenn and Kenia. We've been together since sixth grade.

Yesterday was the last day of school which means I'm free of school and free of fake ass people.

Christopher and I are planning our summer together with some of his friends. He doesn't want me to invite my friends because he thinks they're annoying. Like if his friends are not annoying.

It was morning. I checked my phone and it read 7:30 am. Maybe I just got used to waking up so early, so I went back to sleep.


I woke up to Chris jumping on my bed.


"You mad?"

"Yes I'm trying to sleep."

"At 12pm?"

"Holy shit!" I checked my phone and it read 12:15.

"Get ready."


"We're gonna hang out with one of my friends."


"Hey, we made a deal that you were going to hang out with me and my friends"

"I know I know."

"Get ready in 15"

"Fine." I rolled my eyes.

You never know when it might be a cute guy even though Chris's friends are all ugly, you always have to look your best. (a/n don't take this seriously)

I put on ripped jeans, an adidas crop top, and my adidas superstars.

I straightened my hair and put a bit of makeup.

I went down stairs smiling for some reason. My smile faded when I saw Zabdiel next to Chris. He's the ugliest of them all. (a/n No offense Zabdiel lovers he's actually really hot)

"Hi Jazmin"


"So are you ready or are you gonna take another hour?" Chris said.

"Calm down I only took like 20 minutes"

"Mmhhm" hummed Zabdiel as he chuckled.

"Well, let's go!" Chris said walking out the door...


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