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8 months and counting

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It had been almost 5 months since Draco and Hermione had found out about their surprise pregnancy. Several things in their lives had changed during that time. Draco had went out and looked for a smaller manor for the two to begin their family in because he had felt Malfoy Manor was too big. He had future plans to do something with it real estate wise.

The new home was 1/3 the size of the previous house and was dead smack in the miggle between the muggle world and the wizarding world. Draco spent as much time at home as he could to take care of Hermione. On the days he was working their friends came over to keep her company - Draco didn't like Hermione home alone in case something happened.

It was one of Draco's days off and he had finished putting Avril's nursery, engraved in the door of the nursery was her name in perfect calligraphy Avril Hermione Malfoy. The next Generation. The past 2 weeks Hermione had taken the liberty of pulling out her babies pictures and cooing about what parts she imagine their baby girl will look like. Draco insisted that she would have Hermione beautiful chocolate brown eyes and her bushy hair - Hermione blushed at that. Hermione bragged about Avril having Draco's perfect ears and nose. In the end they both agreed she would be stunning.

"One thing about this pregnancy that I don't have to worry about is the dreaded stretch marks." Hermione was lucky and barily had a belly and most of their friends were shocked when she told them they were expecting. They all apparently had gotten as huge as a house.

"You would look beautiful regardless Mione" Draco reassured her.

Draco looked at his watch before he got up and headed to the kitchen to start dinner. He had been playing Mr. Mom since hermione was placed on bedrest. It seems that because of her small stature and Draco being over 6 foot 3 they were worried about how big the baby could be. Which she kept on denying for the fact she barely had a stomach.

"Potatoes and veggies for dinner tonight love" he called from the kitchen as he wrapped a few potatoes and diced veggies in foil and put them in the oven to broil.

30 minutes later he brought the cooked veggies out to the living room on a plate. Draco returned to the kitchen to grab two goblets of muggle soda called Ginger Ale, this was Hermione's favorite. Surprisingly after a week of drinking it with her, Draco grew fond of it too. The couple went through over 8 liters of Ginger Ale and had even began stocking up one of the small pantries with it. After they ate dinner Draco and Hermione headed to their bedroom and relaxed as they played classical music.

"If my mother saw me right now she would be in a state on envy" Hermione chuckled.


"Because one year she showed me her pregnancy pictures of when she was carrying me and she was huge!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Do you miss them?"


"Well then how about we go and pay them a visit. You surely can't be mad at them forever. They are the only parents you will have." Draco said pointedly.

Hermione smiled and nodded as she knew Draco was speaking logic. Now that he had no parents because of their selfless actions that day during the War of Hogwarts her mother and father were the closest thing he had left to parents. Cradling her stomach Hermione carefully got to her feet.

"Lets go see my mum and dad"

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