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Hey wattpadders( should I come up with a name for my readers, if you have any suggestions comment) hope you all adore my book. Please comment because I feel that I am just writing to air and I want to have you all readers involved in the process of my book.

"Wake up babe you're going to be late for class." Daniel whispers in my ear and starts to kiss me up my neck. He doesn't understand how good that feels especially being a werewolf. Daniel, my boyfriend of a year, is a human. Shocker! I know a werewolf dating a human, expect he doesn't know that I am a werewolf and I have been going to this therapist to get rid of my wolfie.

Even bigger shocker! Yes, I go to a therapist about once a week for about an hour. What we do is this meditation technique that makes my wolf go to sleep, or hibernation if you will. There are a couple of reasons why I do this, one being that I hated how my wolfie kept reminding me that I had a mate and a home. I didn't understand why she would want me go back to a place that treated me no better than dirt. I think she is too brainwashed with the idea of having a mate that she can't see the flaws. Secondly, if she is asleep then they can't track me down. Then thirdly, I just want a normal life with Daniel. I don't want to worry about something crazy happening.

"Mmmm" is all I can manage to get out. Then Daniel stops and gets off the bed.

"Just letting you know that I have Starbucks for you, but I am feeling kind of thirsty so I may just take it." Daniel says in a teasing manner. Yet if you have known Daniel as long as I have, you know that he is true to his word. If he wants that coffee, he will drink that coffee.

"I'm coming" I yell jumping out of bed while quickly pulling on my robe. I dash over to the kitchen hoping my coffee is still in one piece. When I go to the kitchen I don't see my drink on the counter and Daniel is just smirking at me.

"Where is my coffee?!" I don't even try to be all cutesy because if I don't have my coffee I am not a happy camper. And all Daniel does is just sit there with that same smirk.

"It was super tasty so I drank it." He goes all serious when he tells me this. He is trying to get a rise out of me, but instead I turn around and go back to our room so I can get changed. Before I make it to the door Daniel grabs me from behind.

"I think I might have left an extra drink in the fridge." And tries to kiss me, but I duck out of his grasp and run to the fridge. And there in all its glory is my mocha. I grab it and start to chug it down. I know so attractive.

"I think there might be something on the cup babe." As I look down at the cup I see some black sharpie scribbled on the cup.

I start to read it, "Julia Will You...." I am so shocked I can't finish the sentence and look back up at Daniel. But when I look up I don't see him, instead he is on the floor kneeling with a box in his hand.

"Julia you came into my life so unexpectedly. You stole my heart and I don't think I can live without you in my life. I love you more than I thought I could ever love someone. Julia will you marry me?" Then he opened the box to reveal the most beautiful ring, it was princess cut with a band of diamonds around the side. I was still in shock and realized that I hadn't answered him yet.

"Of course, a million times yes!" I say through my tears. He slips the ringer onto my finger and it feels so natural to have it on my hand. He then gets up wrapping his arms around my waist and spins me around. I love him so much and he loves me back, that is all I could ask for. Plus he is affectionate, passionate, considerate, and all those ate words which makes me love him even more than I do.

I can't believe how lucky I am. From going to a mate and pack that hates me. To then finding my grandmother who was more loving and unbelievable then I remember. She loved me with more love in four years than any of my family has in the sixteen years of being with them, except my mother. My grandmother put me in high school until I was old enough for college, and the only reason I got into Columbia was the support I received from her. Once in college I met Daniel, who was working as student assistant to one of my professors, he saw that I was struggling so he started to tutor me. The tutor sessions turned into lunch dates, that then turned into more serious dates, next into the boyfriend and girlfriend phase. Now a year later we are living with each other and he just proposed. My life couldn't be any more complete.

Do you all feel that I am being to brief on certain things and should go into more detail on certain subjects. Please comment vote and all that jazz!


I asked ShyBirdie to make me a cover, but decided to use my own. I took her idea and just picked a different picture, and i want to give her credit because she worked hard and i really appreciate all her hard work. She is super talented and if you need a cover made she is amazing.

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