07 | Rumor Has It

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EVER SINCE EIGHT-YEAR-OLD INDIANA Jones first bumped into the strange Pipe player with green eyes, she'd been having peculiar dreams about him in an equally as peculiar land called Neverland. This wasn't the first time she'd dreamt about Neverland, similar to most children all over the realms and beyond. This was the first time, however, when Indiana dreamt about the unnamed pipe player.

As the years of her adolescence flew by, Indiana Jones slowly but surely grew up to be a strong and independent young girl. She fought bullies who picked on people that were hardly half their size. Indiana was known to be a rebellious and determined child within her small village, making it so that only Aunt Lucy knew how to reign her in.

Most kids never wanted to play with her or her best friend, Baelfire. When Indiana was 10 and Baelfire was 12, Baelfire randomly disappeared one day. Many simply assumed that he was kidnapped with the other missing boys. Rumplestiltskin was awfully quiet during something insane as this; therefore, it made her feeling as though he knew something. Nonetheless, she kept her mouth shut and went about her day-to-day life.

A few weeks after the reckless Indiana Jones turned 12-years-old, she decided to go to the market and pick up some groceries for her and her Aunt Lucy, who was taken down with a horrible cold and was unable to cook without getting her snot all over it.

Typically, when Indiana went to the market, it was a quick trip. She wasn't one to get distracted by many things, especially when her mind was already focused on something. This time, things were different. Indiana couldn't help but notice the people of her village staring at her, whispering suspiciously all around her. It was like she was an outsider or even a wild animal that had found its way into the market place.

This went on the entire time she strolled to grab several items, such as medicine and some ingredients that she could use to cook for her and Lucy. As Indiana walked up to a woman to pay, the woman suddenly sneered at her. "We don't sell to pests like you, kid," the woman snarled.

Indiana raised her eyebrows at the sudden rudeness. She'd been shopping from the same place for years. Why would this woman be so cold to her? "Willow, what are you talking about?" Indiana stared to ask. "It's me—"

"Indiana Jones. I know," Willow harshly interrupted. "Rumor has it that you're related to a gruesome pirate that goes by the name of Killian Jones."

Indiana snorted. "If I had any siblings, I think I would know," the girl retorted. "Besides, I sure as heck wouldn't be related to a pirate. Aunt Lu hates the ocean. Why would my brother be a pirate if she hates the ocean?"

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