I met my hero

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Vinny's POV

I can't believe I'm doing this "bye guys!" I yelled through the bus "were are you going?!" Chris yelled "No were I'm going... For a walk!" "Ok bye" I left the bus and I started walking, honestly I have no idea were I'm going, I eventually found the 7 11 now to find the alley way, there it is, I looked down the alley way and saw the most beautiful girl ever she had red hair with bits of black in it (like the picture) she was wearing a TØP tshirt and ripped skinny jeans "ummm Hello!" Then my phone went off Jesus Christ Chris

Hey Vinny were are you there's this guy staring at me and I'm scared
Y/N that guy is me you hdhchsjsn
Waht? Ok

Y/n's POV
I looked up to see a guy I couldn't see his face but after texting Vinny I guess it's him "Vinny?" "Y/N!!!!" He ran up and hugged me what I didn't realise was that it was VINNY MAURO WTF "urrrr ummm h-hi" "so do you believe that I'm Vinny Mauro now?" He said with a smirk "oh my god I can't believe this"  "what, please don't pass out" "a girl passed out on you before?" "No it was Ricky" "haha"

Sorry that this part isn't all texting but not the next part but the one after will mostly be texting so yayyyy

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