Slytherin or Gryffindor

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Severus waited for his daughter to get dressed before they headed down to the Great Hall. Today was the day that the beginning of term began. He had already took a peak at the list of names and was eager to see that along with Harry Potter, the son of his old school friend Lucius Malfoys son was making his first appearance. One thing struck him deep into thought for sure and that was which house his daughter would be in.

Sitting up at the staff table Severus two seats down from Dumbledore, he watched as Professor McGonagall brought in the first years. He searched the line along the wall until he found his daughter. She was really small when compared to the other first years, it was weird knowing she hadn't grown since her 7th birthday. Some how this worried him about a possible growth spurt in her 3th year. That same thing happened to him, he was the smallest in his first 2 year and was the tallest in the next 3.

Lost in thought he didn't realize when the other students were called until he heard the name, 'Harry Potter'. To no suprise he was in Gryffindor - he looked just like his father, but as he caught his eye he saw Lily's eyes.

"Sydne Snape" Professor McGonagall called.

Smiling inside Severus watched as Sydne walked up to the stool and sat down. Suddenly the hat began to speak.

Cunning, very bright as well. There are alot of brains and the want to prove yourself. Hmm might as well be Slytherin

Sydne jumped up from the stool and headed towards the Slytherin table, she stopped in her steps for a milli-second as her robes changed to suit her house. As she clambored to the table her arm was grabbed by none other than Draco Malfoy.

Severus' eyebrows furrowed from stress as he watched Malfoy and his daughter getting friendly. Sure Draco's father was and old friend but the father figure in him didn't want her getting into the Malfoy way of life. Meddling in the Dark Arts got people hurt and killed, Severus knew this from experience.

Severus' turned down dinner, he made it a priority to fix himself later. For the time being he had his eyes on his daughter and Draco. Before he knew it dinner was over and the students were heading off towards their common rooms. Severus got quickly to his feet and pulled Sydne to the side. Draco noticed this and stopped, waiting for her until Severus shook him off.

"Father" Syne spoke.

"I don't wan't you getting to friendly with Mr. Malfoy"

"Why not!"

"Because I said so"

Sydne looked at her father with anger splashed across her face. "You can't control me, I pick my own friends." Sydne glared at him before turning on her heel and walking away.

Severus moved to grab her and bring her back but decided against it. The last thing he wanted was for Sydne to throw a fit and cause him to take her to the Living Quarters to spank her. He didn't want to embarrass her because he knew how it was like when it came to being bullied, so he just let her go. Tomorrow he would lay down the law to her and let her know where they stand. He was the father and she was the daughter, he needed to make that be known that when he said something it was to be abided.

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