26. Up Up & Away

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His eyes watched me greedily.  Every time I moved he watched. 

"Babe, you're making me feel uncomfortable."  I finally admitted. 

He smirked and I blushed.  "Just reliving some happy memories." 

His reaction earlier had made all my fears dispel, the nerves all disappeared as soon as I saw his face.  I couldn't have asked for a better reaction but I didn't realise that I'd still be seeing the hunger in his eyes a few hours later, despite the fact that I had got changed and was now wearing one of his shirts.

"How about you put another movie on and I'll organise some snacks?"  I suggested as I picked up our empty bottles and headed for the kitchen.

"I've been thinking."  He called out and I waited for him to continue.  "Maybe these nudie shots you want don't all have to be nudie."  He was now right behind me, his arms around my waist and his lips against my ear.  "Maybe we can get some pics in what you were wearing today?"  He asked as he nibbled on my ear.  I had to admit the thought excited me, but also made me anxious. 


He moved a hand down, his fingers rubbing over my clit. "Is that a yes?" He asked as he heard the change in my breathing.

"Maybe." I breathed out.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that." He murmured as he sank 2 fingers inside me, his palm creating friction against my bundle of nerves.

I gripped the counter as my legs began shaking. His hand snaked up my shirt to hold my breast as his fingers became faster in their movements. "Was that a yes?" He asked as he kissed my neck. It was so hard to deny him anything, but this one thing, I wasn't sure of. 

"Let's just say it's not a no." 

"Okay babe, I can live with that."

His fingers curled and he was rolling my nipple, his large erection pushed against my back and I felt myself falling. 

"Baby, I'm so close."

"I know."  He whispered.  "Let it go Mia, give in to it."  A few more pumps and I was calling out for more.  Jay didn't disappoint and within seconds he had stroked me to another satisfying orgasm.


"Ready?"  He asked, his hand in mine as we listened to the engines winding up for takeoff.

"Would it matter if I said no?"  I asked and he laughed.

"Not really Mia.  This is what we've been waiting for, are you okay?" 

I smiled, suddenly understanding the depth of what we were doing.  Together. 

"Jesus Jay, I'm so ready.  I get 4 weeks with you, what's not to be okay about?"  He chuckled at my sudden excitement.

"You seem to be forgetting that I also get 4 weeks with you." 

I grinned and shook my head.  "Uh uh, that's at the forefront of my mind."

It was a long, often boring, restless flight and when we landed in Dubai we were both anxious to get off and stretch our legs.

"Just remember to keep covered and no PDA's okay?" 

"Babe, despite what you might think, I can control myself around you."  I joked,

"I'm serious Mia."  He growled. 

"So am I."

We spent a few hours wandering through the shops and I was astounded at how cheap everything was considering the high quality.  Of course I'd always heard about it, but to see it firsthand was eye opening.

"I just want to be there." I complained a few hours into the flight.

"Yeah, me too." He agreed.

"Megan warned me that the media might be at the airport." 

"It's possible, but they'll be watching for celebrities coming in. We should be okay given its early in the week."

"This is foreign to me." I mumbled.

"Me too babe."

Possible my asse! There were cameras everywhere as we made our way through arrivals. I silently thanked Megan for advising me to be ready 'just in case.'

Jay held me against him, protecting me as best he could before security finally stepped in to help. Once we were settled in the car, I allowed myself to breathe. 

"What the fuck?" I whispered and Jay shrugged, obviously as surprised as me.

"We've got a few hours before we're supposed to meet up with my family, what do you want to do?" We were laying in bed in the huge, luxurious hotel suite. As soon as we'd stepped through the door Jay had comforted me in the way he did best.

"Maybe we should unpack." I suggested as my eyes landed on the bags beside the door. "Or maybe you could do that thing again....."

His grin matched my own as he pulled me closer. "I can certainly do that thing again." He growled.

We definitely used all our pent up energy as Jay did that thing over and over.

"We should get ready." I groaned, wanting nothing more than to stay here in his arms. Jay brought our bags into the room and as I looked for something to wear, he went to shower. I flicked the TV on for some background noise and stiffened as I heard the report.

Jayden Williams and a female companion were spotted arriving at Heathrow Airport this morning. Jay is the younger brother of Amanda Williams who is set to wed Tim Rothe at an undisclosed location this weekend.

The couple looked surprised by the attention and as Jay shielded his companion, security led them to an awaiting vehicle.

I watched the footage they had taken and silently thanked Megan for the warning that had prompted me to change before we landed.

Former flame, Tracy Shaw arrived a few hours later on the arm of her on again, off again partner, Spaniard Carlo Rodriguez. The couple looked relaxed as they strolled hand in hand, posing for pictures and chatting with the crowd.

Tracy is a childhood friend of Amanda Williams and Carlo starred alongside Tim Rothe in last years Blockbuster "Death by Innocence." It is believed that the 2 met through Tim and Amanda.

Tracy and Jay were rumoured to have been involved when they were younger and after a bitter breakup have not seen each other since.

It could be an interesting reunion.

I studied the footage of Tracy and Carlo and inwardly groaned. She was stunning....they were stunning as a couple.

Tracy's black wavy hair hung down her back, her clear blue eyes and perfect complexion complimented her gorgeous figure which was clad in a tight black dress and a pair of knee high black boots.

Carlo was a little more casual in dark denim jeans and a simple white tshirt. His eyes were a warm chocolate brown, his skin tanned, his hair dark and messy and his smile wide and bright.

I cringed as they split the screen, Jay and I on one half, Tracy and Carlo on the other. Jay definitely held his own against Carlo, but I didn't even come close to the image I was being compared to.

I sensed Jay behind me and without turning I spoke. "L

"She's stunning." He snaked his arms around my waist.

"Her beauty is skin deep Mia, inside she's all dark and evil. You on the other hand, are beautiful inside and out." He whispered against my ear.

"Given the choice, I'd choose you babe. Every time, I'd choose you."

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