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is this story good? i really like it but i feel like it's really messy and it's that part of fanfiction that people avoid. this story means a lot to me, so to those of you who read, comment, and vote i really love you all.

chapter ten; hugs are good for the soul

Luke's phone buzzed violently in the pocket of his jeans, causing him the feel the strong vibration and wake up dazed and confused. His eyes were squinted, trying to adjust to the harsh sunlight that poured through a half open window. He let out a small groan and pushed himself further under the blanket, ignoring a weight on his chest until his phone stopped buzzing.

"Luke," A sleepy voice said, from under his head, "Please stop moving."

He glanced down and saw Ava laying on his chest, snuggled up against him, soft snores leaving her lips. He saw that she drooled a little, but he was too distracted by the precious sight in front of him. She clutched onto him tightly, like she was afraid he would go somewhere, but Luke's other arm was wrapped around her. Normally, he preferred little spoon, but for Ava, he'd make an exception. He laid there, staring at her, captivated by her. She was so beautiful.

Last night, the two had stayed up watching all sorts of movies and TV shows, chatting and talking about which series they liked best or why they liked a certain movie franchise. Not surprisingly, they both dozed off while watching a romantic movie, right before the two love interests were about to kiss.

Luke's phone began to buzz again, causing his eyes to snap away and this time waking up the small girl he held. She blinked awake, eyes still drooping down slightly. She had no reaction, she just gazed around the room until her eyes landed on him. They widened before she remembered last night and calmed down. She wiped her cheek, which had a little dribble of drool, and yawned while covering her mouth.

"Why does your phone keep buzzing?" She asked, scratching her bed head, tangled strands of hair curling up. Suddenly, she sat up, "Shit, what time is it? I'm gonna be late to work."

She tried to scramble up and out of Luke's arms, but he only took the chance to wrap both around her. She let out a weird noise that resembled a pterodactyl's mating call, but Luke found it cute. She tried to push him lightly so that she could get up and fix herself up, but she couldn't.

"Luke, let go! I have work and I have to get ready and put on my makeup–oh, God. I'm totally exposed! Don't look at me, I'm hideous." It had just now hit Ava that her hair was a mess, she had morning breath, her skin made her look dead since she didn't wash it yet, and—well, she didn't know, but she was pretty sure she looked like an ugly zombie. She turned away from him.

Luke giggled and propped himself up on one of his elbows so that he was now laying on his side and he placed his head on her shoulder. "Ava, you look fine, shut up. And it's a Saturday, please don't tell me you have work on a Saturday."

"Oh, it's Saturday? I don't have work on Saturday. Wait, why didn't you just tell me that first, you twatbag?" Ava said softly, flipping her body over so that she was face to face with Luke, but not close enough that they were in each other's air space. It would be gross to inhale each other's morning breath.

"Twatbag?" Bemused, Luke gave Ava a weird look, causing her to shrug.

"What? It's something my co-worker, Michael, says a lot. Some things just stick," she explained matter-of-factly, a smug smile on her face.

Luke rolled his eyes, "It's only 5:40. Let's just cuddle some more before I have to go to work."

"So you do have work, you Australian asshole. What was all the bullshit about please don't say that you have work on a Saturday?" She questioned, getting out of bed, much to the boy's dismay. "And as lovely as your generous offer sounds, we have to brush our teeth because we fell asleep last night before we could and we have morning breath. You're lucky I have extra toothbrushes."

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