A/N: In this story you are a very famous YouTuber with 8 million subscribers and your two best friends are Emma Blackery and Zoe Sugg or Zoella. You have a huge crush on Dan Howell and idolize him even though you have more subscribers. Have fun reading!! Btw if you don't already know, Y/N= Your name, Y/L/N= Your last name, and Y/F/N= Your full name. OKAY UPDATE! SO WATTPAD JUST HAD TO SCREW ME OVER AND THIS CHAPTER HAS LIKE REALLY BAD GRAMMAR! IDK WHY BUT I CANT FIX IT AND IM SORRY! THE OTHERS CHAPTER IN THE STORY SHOULD BE GOOD.

"Come on Y/N! We are going to be gone for 3 months, you have to pack more than 4 T-shirts, 3 pairs of jeans and sweatpants!" Your best friend Zoe complained to you as she examined you suitcase which was quite empty.

"Em! Back me up here!" Zoe yelled at Emma who was currently laying on your bed scrolling through tumblr.

"I'm with Y/N on this one, sorry Zo." Emma smirked as Zoe threw a T-shirt at her, but it wasn't just any T-shirt, no this was your Dan Howell shirt, from the store.

"Y/N what's this? Is this your Dan shirt? You know these are meant for Fan's right? Not YouTubers with 2 million more subscribers than him." Emma commented as she held the shirt up.

"Give it here Emma! That's mine, and I am a Fan!" You shouted as you took Emma down trying to grab it from her hands but she was to determined to keep it.

"No! Not until you admit to being Dan trash #1!" Emma shouted back.

"Fine! I'm Dan trash #1! There happy?" Emma smiled and handed you the shirt back which you quickly gave to Zoe so she could pack it for you. There was no way in Hell you were leaving that behind for 3 months. You were Dan trash #1 to be fair, every time you had met Dan you seemed to embarrass yourself in some way. You were acquaintances but your pretty sure he thought you were insane. Every time you spoke to him his eyes just got really wide and he would always end the conversation by giving you some excuse like he had to go check on Phil or he had to get home because he wasn't feeling well.

"Y/N we sorta didn't want to freak you out by telling you this but, we found out from Louise that Dan and Phil are coming on the trip." Zoe said as she squinted her eyes and flinched away from you like you might explode or something.

"Oh, um okay, that's cool." You said trying to act very non chatelaine but inside you were actually screaming.

"Y/N we know your freaking out but Zoe and I are such good love doctors that by the end of that trip, you'll have a ring on that finger." Emma said very confidently with her hands on her hips and getting up on her knees on your bed.

"Oh so now you two are the 'love doctors'?" You giggled.

"Yes we are! And my first prescription as a love doctor is to let me pack you clothes Y/N because obviously you can't do it yourself." Zoe smiled as she folded up some clothes and shoved them in your suitcase.

When Zoe and Emma finally left your flat you finished up what little packing you had left to do thanks to Zoe and went to bed, it was only 11:00 but you wanted to get one last goodnight's rest in your own bed for the next 3 months.


In the morning you got up at 6:30 in the freaking morning to go to the studio where they would drive you out to the air port. It was mainly British YouTubers but the production company had decided to bring in a few Americans. From what you had heard there would be roughly 20 YouTubers all together, they didn't want bring to many along due to the cost. You got a cab to the studio where you found Zoe and Emma talking to Louise and Tyler Oakley.

"Hey Y/N!" Zoe screamed as she ran up to you with her neck pillow draped around her.

"Hey Zoe! Hey Emma, Hey Louise, Hey Tyler!" You said to everyone trying to pry Zoe off you.

"Y/N Zoe and Emma were just telling us about how you fancy Dan!" Louise smirked, shit! Why did they have to tell them? It's not like you could just play it off, I mean, you probably could with Louise, but with Tyler there was no chance.

"Well yeah, a little bit." You blushed, Zoe finally let go and a big smile spread across her face. You could tell she was about to go off about 'how she always shipped you guys' and knew it was 'a match made in heaven.'

"I told you guys! I told you Y/N liked Dan!" Zoe screamed

"You know what gurl? You and Dan would be perfect together! I'll go get Dan!" Tyler said as he started walking off. No! Tyler can't do this! He just can't!

"No Tyler don't get Dan! Please!" You screamed after Tyler.

"I'm sorry! I don't speak desperate!" He yelled back and kept walking. Damn, you forgot how sassy he was. Tyler came back shortly after with Dan.

"Hey, Dan, I don't believe you've met Y/N." Tyler said as he walked closer to you while dragging Dan behind.

"Actually Tyler We have met bef-" Dan was cut off by Tyler as he walked away to Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg.

"Hey." You said awkwardly not knowing what else to say

"Hi, so what's with Tyler?" Dan asked you.

"I have no idea, I guess it's just Tyler being Tyler." You smiled at him.

"Yeah probably. So, are you nervous about being away from home for 3 whole months? Cause I know I am." Dan asked you. He didn't seem to bored with conversation, that was a start.

"A little, but it's gonna be nice to be away from everything you know?" You told him, he smiled! You actually made Dan Howell smile!

"Yeah, I know what you mean." He said.

"So, do you know who your gonna sit next to on the plane?" You asked him politely.

"Phil probably, but I could use a break from him, I mean I love him but do you know he actually packed my clothes for me because apparently I'm not capable of packing on my own." Dan chuckled.

"Yeah same, Zoe packed for me because I guess 4 T-shirts, 3 pairs of jeans and sweat pants don't qualify as suitable clothing for a 3 month trip."

"This is going to sound weird but that is almost exactly what I tried to pack before Phil ruined my fun!" Dan smiled really wide, the big smile where his dimples show.

"You know if you want you could always sit with me and Zoe, Emma's sitting with Luke and besides, it's only a 4 hour plane ride to Venice Italy." You offered, oh God please please take the offer! You thought.

"That would actually be great, I need a break from Phil." Dan smiled.

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