When he gets sick

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You were about to leave for the gym when you heard someone coughing really loudly so you ran upstairs and saw Emery all huddle up in sheets and jackets with a million tissues surrounding him "babe what's wrong are you sick" you said looking at him he looked miserable "no stop don't look at me I'm hideous" he said putting his face under the covers "no Emery you have seen me at my worst on my period and I can't see you sick come on I don't care let me see" you said walking up to where he was hiding "fine" he said removing the covers you touched his head and he was durning up "babe you for a fever" you said removing your shoes and letting your bag go "no what are you doing your gong wherever your going leave me it's okay" he said "no im staying with you or I'm breaking up with you" you said making his eyes go wide "okay then" he said he hated it when you said you would break up with him it was his weakness "well then" you said after getting medicine from the kitchen "here take this it will make you fell better" you said giving him a spoon with orange flavored medicine in it he drank the medication

You grabbed the trash fag from the desk and started picking up some of the tissue lauded on your bed showing the now dirty sheets

You were almost done with cleaning the room when Emery said "babe I can't sleep without you came stay with me please I need you right now" he said looking miserable "where else would I be" you said taking off you jacket and setting it on the chair leaving you in short and a crop top you laid down next to him and he a snuggled into you putting his head on your chest and stomach and pulling the covers over him covering him entirely you started playing with his hair and he made circle with his thumb on your along and in minutes you 2 were falling asleep

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