Chapter 4- Help?

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"I would enjoy walking you to the bus stop, but Camile would surely notice. I am not saying I would not care about betraying her, but I do not wish to become her enemy just yet. If you wish a bus, it is just down the street, a cab would be nicer, if a cab would drive by at this hour. Luck for you, a bus should be arriving at the stop shortly. So long, Nephilim, I do believe we'll see each other once more in our lives." Rapheal walked with me, patiently, to a door leading to the roof of the Dumort. He nodded, and rushed back inside; I thought about drawing the healing rune, but I needed to the bus, and I knew it would be at the stop by the time I got there.

The ladder took rather a longer time than I thought, but luckily the walk to the bus stop wasn't long. I only stood at the stop for a few minutes before the bus paused at the stop.

A normal bus would have at least a couple of people in the seats, instead this bus was deserted. I should be grateful because I could probably draw a healing rune without anyone's awareness, but something about the bus driver had me skeptical. The bus driver was a male, maybe in his late 30's but gave me the biggest look that screamed untrustworthy ever. Even from normal cashier, I have never seen such a regular person give me that luck. I would think he would be at least somewhat grateful since I'm paying him to drive me, but he just looked at me like I was wanted for killing his grandma.

I walked to the middle of the bus and took a seat to the window, staring into the appealing night sky. If you have ever had the feeling of someone staring at you, let me say it is uncomfortable as hell, and that was exactly how I was feeling. Looking in the direction of my feeling, my gaze landed on the peculiar bus driver who was staring at me. Even as the bus was moving, he still stared at me.

He was mysterious, and not in a attractive way, more of a "I-need-this-crappy-bus-to-arrive-at-my-stop-briskly" kind of way. His look was a mixture of hostile and excitement like a predator finally able to capture its prey. I didn't want to look away, so I had zero time to draw the rune because what if this man is a murderous mundane? I couldn't let him know who I was.

Luckily, my stop was here, so I got up as the bus stopped, but the door never opened. I approached him anxious.

"Here's the money for the ride, I almost forgot." I said, reaching into my pocket while looking back up, I felt sharp hands grab my sleeve provoking me to look back up.

My heart practically stopped as I looked up into pure black eyes. "You're a Shadowhunter, I know it. Tell me where the other girl, Clary, is!" The man hissed at me.

I looked around quickly, the only available weapons are a trashcan and a fire extinguisher, I know my decision.

"Let me go!" Yelling, I jerked my hand back, turned around, but as I turned back to the man, I picked up the extinguisher with my good hand and slammed it onto his head. His head jerked back, and stayed there frozen in place.

Taking this opportunity, I quickly pushed the open button for the door, and tossed the extinguisher on the gas pedal as I jumped out the door.

I am a clumsy person, so I've never had much success with jumping in hastily situations, this one was no exception. As I jumped, my foot barely made it out, it hit the door as it drove off, precipitating in me falling, fortunately, on my good arm.

I sat there, on the cold sidewalk, just evaluating what just happened, and how bad I am hurting from falling good arm first. Now both my arms were in pain.

"It is not average to see a stunningly attractive person, as yourself, to fall out of a running bus. Would you like some help up?" A voice, sounding male, spoke, and I looked up to see a male figure offering his hand to me.

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