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3rd Person P.O.V.

Tim and Bart were walking towards the burger joint in Gotham. Today, they had the day off, so they went to talk to each other about their crushes.

"I don't know, Tim." Bart says "What am I suppose to say to him? Je t'aime, permet de faire sorfir?"

Tim chuckled and went. "Maybe something like this."

He thinks for a moment, piecing the words together. "Je vous aime bien."

Bart nods as they enter the Burger shop. "And what about you?" Bart questions, smirking as they sit at a table in a far corner.

Tim went a light red. "I don't know yet, man." Tim replies, running a hand through his hair.

"Vous pourriez lui dire que tu l'aimes la prochaine fois que vous le voyez." Bart says.

"You make it sound so easy, Dammit." Tim replies, then smirks.

"Shouldn't you be learning Spanish anyways?"

Bart groans. "But it's hard." Bart whined.

"So is French."

"Says the Boy Wonder."

Tim smirks. "I can't help that I'm proficient at almost every language."

The waitress comes over before Bart could reply. They order, the waitress looking strangely at Bart went he ordered a lot.

"Fast metabolism." He explains.

She nods and heads off.

Bart smirks. "Vous êtes un peu la merde, tu sais."

Tim chuckles. "I know, you merde. "

They keep talking to each other in French until they get their food. Tim slowly ate his food while Bart attenpted to eat his food slowly. At times, Tim would see him eat quickly but no one else would notice.

As Bart was half way through his twelve burgers, an explosion happened next door.

Before either of them could react, they both blacked out.


Welcome reader! You have officially found my new story, "Memories Gone"

I hope you all enjoy!

And I will post all of the words and sentences they say in French and Spanish.

French -

Je t'aime, permet de faire sorfir - I love you, lets make out

Je vous aime bien - I like you

Vous pourriez lui dire que tu l'aimes la prochaine fois que vous le voyez - You could tell him you like him the next time you see him

Vous êtes un peu la merde, tu sais - You're a little shit, you know

Merde - Shit

That's all!

Till the next update!

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