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3rd Person P.O.V.

Tim and Bart were walking towards the burger joint in Gotham. Today, they had the day off, so they went to talk to each other about their crushes. Plus, it was rare they got days off since they had both school and their hero job to maintain. This was a nice, rare, mind you, occurrence for them to just hang out without others hanging out them ar having the impending and dooming phone call from Batman for missions.

"I don't know, Tim," Bart says, looking at the drab environment around them. It wasn't the nicest place there was, but Gotham was better than Central City since Captain old knew who the Flash and his partners were. "What am I supposed to say to him? Je t'aime, allons faire la fête?"

Tim chuckled and thought for a moment. He then said, "Maybe something like this." He stopped for a moment, piecing the words together again before speaking, "Je vous aime bien."

Bart nodded as they entered the burger shop. They looked around before seeing a corner table away from everyone else.

"And what about you?" Bart questioned, smirking as they sit at a table in a far corner. Tim went a light red at the question, knowing who he was referring to.

"I don't know yet, man," Tim replied, running a hand through his hair. "What the hell would I even say to him?"

"Vous pourriez lui dire que tu l'aimes la prochaine fois que vous le voyez," Bart said, keeping the smirk on his face.

"You make it sound so easy, dammit," Tim replied, then smirked as well. "Shouldn't you be learning Spanish?"

Bart groaned, shaking his head as the smirk fell from his face.. "But it's hard," Bart whined, looking at his friend.

"So is French," Tim retaliated with a smile.

"Says the Boy Wonder," Bart bounced back.

Tim rolled his eyes but continued to smirked. "I can't help that I'm proficient at almost every language."

The waitress came over before Bart could reply. They quickly ordered, wanting to continue their previous, interrupted conversation. The waitress looking strangely at Bart when he ordered a lot more than a normal person would be able to eat

"Fast metabolism," Bart explained, a shy smile adorning his face. The waitress only nodded then went off towards the kitchen to tell the chefs of the large order.

Bart sent a small glance and glare at Tim. "Tu es une petite merde, tu le sais?"

Tim chuckled. "I know, you merde. So are you."

They continued to talk in French until they got their food. Every so often Bart would whine about how it was taking so long for it to come out. Tim chuckled, shaking his head as he watched the food be brought out by two people. They ate in relative silence. Tim slowly ate his food while Bart attempted to eat his food slowly. At times, Tim would see him eat quickly but no one else would notice.

As Bart was somewhere halfway through his twelve burgers, an explosion happened next door. Before either of them could react, either to call the Justice League or the Young Justice or to hop into action themselves, they blacked out as a piece of the roofing above them fell through and hit them.


French to English

Je t'aime, allons faire la fête? ~~ I love you, let's go make out?

Je vous aime bien. ~~ I like you.

Vous pourriez lui dire que tu l'aimes la prochaine fois que vous le voyez. ~~ You could tell him that you love him the next time you see him

Tu es une petite merde, tu le sais? ~~ You're a little shit, you know that?

Merde ~~ Shit

Alright, that's the first of many fucking updates. I hope y'all enjoyed. I looked at this for probably six to seven hours, thinking of how the hell I could make it longer. Not sure how well that worked. But it happened.

Not sure when the next update will be out, but I'm hoping sometime soon.

Be sure to be on the lookout for any of my Multi-Fandom Oneshots updates. They are updated every Friday. I try to do it before work but sometimes that doesn't necessarily work, so I update after work sometimes. It just depends on what day it feels like.

Currently, I'm working on the next oneshot. And a new one which I have deemed, YouTube Just Isn't Enough, I Need A Sugar Daddy. Don't you just love it?

I sure as hell do(n't).

Have fun, I'll attempt to update again soon.


~Evey Brookstone

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