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Blood continued to spill out of Ross's wound.  He didn't even realize until half way through the second verse when he felt searing pain saw the stain on his shirt. He finished out the song, then rushed to change his shirt and put a bandage on. Luckily nobody questioned why he was bleeding because of what just happened. He was in the clear for a little longer. But it was only a matter of time before it was discovered. Plus he was lucky it was only one that reopened.

Ross took a few deep breaths and went out to continue the show.
"Wow you guys can get rough!!" Ross began, "I remember back in Argentina, that happened....... Honestly I thought I was going to die that night....... I never thought that would happen again. Haha...." Ross giggled as the music for "Heart Made Up On You" begun. The royal blue neon lights flashed as Ross jumped around the stage during the instrumental solo. "You said what you said...." The verses began. Ross smiled as he continued singing.

Courtney watched from backstage. Although she had fun and loved hearing R5's music, the set was almost done. I think I should get some fresh air. She thought to herself as she walked towards the exit. She stood in the back alley and looked up at the stars. She was always so fascinated by them. They were such beautiful and magic things to her. Smiling away, Courtney counted them and sighed. "Okay I should go back inside now." She said thinking out loud. Right when she opened the door, a strong male voice yelled, "What do you think you're doing out here?"
Courtney looked around, and backed away from the door, hoping to find the source of the yell. Courtney couldn't seem to find anything so she just kept going.
"I....I.... I'm sorry but.... I didn't know it was....... your property!!" Screamed a different, more terrified female voice. "No!! Please don't hurt me! I didn't mean to! Honest!" The female yelled again. Courtney heard a scream, then hard pounding. Could the man have really beaten that woman to death? Oh my, I better get back inside! She thought. But the man saw her before she could get inside.
"And who are you?!" The man bolted at Courtney.
"Um... I'm nobody. I'll just be on my way, thank you." Courtney said, trying to keep calm.
"I asked you a question!" The man's tone was getting angrier.  Courtney couldn't speak. She begun to quiver. "WELL?!" The man screamed. He grabbed Courtney, and punched her in the waist, leaving a giant potato-shaped bruise on her left rib cage. "You better not tell anyone about what you saw, or your 'little encounter' with me."
Finally, he let go of her and left. Courtney fell to the ground. She was in too much pain to get up and walk back inside so she stayed on the muddy ground until she could regain her strength. Courtney could hear from outside-- R5 was performing "Smile" as an encore. She knew she had to get inside before anyone found her again. She couldn't tell the authorities about what had happened that man might find her and kill her. Now Courtney had to keep her getting beat up a secret. She groaned because of the pain and trudged inside and met Ross after the encore.

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