chapter 1

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Y / N POV :


"Mjfh...yy...Y / N....bed...

"But natsu you need to get up.

"I don't we sleep.

"No. Today is a big day. Remember school?

"Ehhhhhh...but yyyy/nnn! I don't want to go to school!

"Oh don't be like that natsu. I have to go wake up your dad, we can't be late on the first day of school.

"I..don't care.....I don't want to go to school...zzzzz..

I sigh as natsu turned over, falling back to sleep.

"Fine natsu. But your going to get up.

I walk out of the room and head to igneel's room. Opening the door I peak in. He was dead asleep like his son.

"These two...I have an idea.

I walk into the kitchen, grabbing stuff to make B/f. (Breakfast food)





natsu ran down the stairs, wide awake. He tripped on a stair, face planting the floor. I laugh as I set some b/f on a plate.

"Morning natsu.

"Morning Y / N! What did you make?

"I made b/f. Now can you go wake up your dad?

"To late. Im already awake. I heard a crash and it woke me up...*yawn* why are you two awake at this hour?

"Today were going to school. Igneel remember your the new basketball coach.

He thinks for a minute before laughing.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot.

You two better get ready. We have to leave in an hour. 



Me and natsu got out of the car, carrying our bags. Igneel rolled down the window.

"I'll see you two in pe and basketball practice. Oh and natsu... don't destroy anything. If you do I get a bill.

"Alright dad. I didn't destroy anything last year.

"I don't believe that. Be good you two!

He yelled while driving off. We laugh and talk until we had to leave to find our dorm room.

"Bye natsu!

"Bye Y / N!


I stand in front of room 17. I unlock the door and walk in, setting my bags on my side of the room. There was no belongings from my roommate so I figured she hasn't gotten here yet.

"I wonder who is going to be my roommate?

"Oh Y / N! Were roomies!

I face the door with a grin. Mira set her bags down on her bed, running over to give me a hug.

"Hey mira! Im glad I have you as my roommate.

"Me to. How are you and natsu?

"We're doing good. It toke some time to get natsu and igneel out of the house today. Refused to get out of bed.

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