Chapter 16: Saturday Morning

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Chloe's pov

"So, you have a brother, let's talk about that", Savannah said as she was driving.

In case you're wondering it's Saturday. It's 6 a.m. Saturday morning. Cole, Alicia and I were driving with Savannah back and Alex and Jeremy with James.

After we were escorted in Crescent Moon, they weren't letting us go until we told them what we were doing so close to their territory especially with two humans, being Cole and myself. How do you even start to explain this? Answer is, you don't, which resulted in calling James and bringing him here... Needless to say, he wasn't happy. He told them not to come, which was understandable, if we hadn't tried escaping, it would have been a suicide mission, yet they didn't listen to him.

James brought Savannah and after explaining to Crescent Moon a few things, we were finally able to leave. Savannah was trying to lighten the mood, while in the other car we were pretty sure something bad was going to happen.

We started talking about what was going on, not exactly a light mood, but we had to. We also had to hurry because I was afraid we weren't going to make it on time.

"You'd think after losing their Alpha they'd stand down", Savannah said and I saw her knuckles turning white as she was holding the steering wheel. She'd been through a lot with that pack.  

"The beta is just as crazy...", Alicia said.

"That's great", she sighed.

Jeremy's pov

When James was looking for a beta, Alex stood back because according to him, he didn't want the responsibilities that came with that. Truth is, he is not exactly capable of following orders, he does whatever he wants to. He usually has our best interest in mind, he's looking out for us, so even if we tell him not to be reckless, he'll do whatever he has in mind in order to protect those close to him. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just saying he doesn't always go the right way about it... Also he's the tiniest bit irresponsible.

Still, I follow him. Most times is to make sure he won't get himself killed, but now we had to at least try and see what we were up against. He's sometimes willing to say or do what none of us would because it's kind of crazy. I'm not exactly sure if that's good or not.

"So...", he started, but James stopped him.

"Don't", he said firmly holding one hand up as he continued driving. Why couldn't we go with Savannah again?

"But--", he protested, but again was cut off.

"No", James said in the same tone. We've pissed him off real bad and this is not our little brother we're talking about, this is our Alpha.

Shut up, I told Alex.

We can just explain-, he started.

That we disobeyed our Alpha?

I told you there'd be consequences.

I know.

But you still came.

I did.


Because you would have gone either way, someone has to watch over you so you don't die.

Aww adorable as always... What do you think he's going to do?

Well, I want to believe that since we're his brothers we're lucky enough to not get thrown out of the pack.

"Stop, talking", James said slowly without taking his eyes off the road, glaring at it. Imagine if we'd gotten into their territory.

The next hour passed by in silence, until we reached our home. It was about 7:30 and members of the pack were already awake doing their jobs.

Savannah parked the car in front of our house and Chloe practically jumped outside, while James took us to his house, the Alpha's house.

We got out, none of us was talking and walked inside. Alexa was probably still asleep, so we went inside his office, which is soundproof. See, why would we need a soundproof room right now?

He closed the door behind him and turned around.

"What the hell were you thinking?", he said.

"That we wouldn't get caught by Crescent Moon?", Alex said. Are you kidding me? Shut up Alex!

"I specifically told you not to go and you decided to completely ignore me?", he shouted.

No one talked.

"You are supposed to be the beta of this pack! You're also more responsible than him!", he said to me.

Alex was about to say something, but shut up when James glared at him. He knew he was right anyway.

"You were going to get into their territory. You'd be captured or dead on the spot. Would it have been a good idea then?"

He took a deep breath trying to calm himself down. "They don't like us. They captured half of us, they almost killed Anna and we helped Chris kill their Alpha. You wouldn't have walked out of there alive", he said calmer. He seemed too tired to start shouting again.

"I realize that I'm younger than you and I realize that I'm your brother, but I'm also your Alpha. You do not disobey my orders", he said firmly, letting a bit of the Alpha tone slip in the end.

"Yes Alpha", we both said. The result of the Alpha tone, but he was right anyway, we knew that.

"So what is our punishment?", Alex asked hesitantly.

James was about to talk when Savannah's voice sounded through the mind link.

We have a serious problem.

What happened?, James asked.

Come here and hurry up, was all she said. That can't be good...

Savannah's pov

When we arrived back home Chloe jumped out of the car in seconds and ran to the house. Maybe Brian is not the mess he was yesterday.

"You can stay here for as long as you'd like", I told Cole and Alicia. I really wanted to do something to help him, I'm a werewolf I should know something about wolves right? There must be a way to bring his mate, Rebecca back. Maybe they just need to spend some time with each other.

"Thank you", Cole said.

I entered the house and found Chloe and Brian in the living room. She wasn't moving and as I turned to Brian I realized why. His eyes weren't the usual hazel color, they were gold.

"No...", I whispered.

"Why is she here?", Dan said.

This is bad, this is really really bad.

"What happened to Brian?", I dared to ask.

"You know what happened and she knows what happened too", he said pointing to Chloe.

I mind linked the guys to come here, we have a big problem.

We lost our baby brother.


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