clingy little.........

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Naruto's POV

Yay I'm so happy cause sasukes back and also I get to go to school with him again Yay..............


One problen............

And thats..........

Ms. Pinky scary lady no she wants my sasuke she can't have him.

I went to sasuke who was getting ready for school tomarrow as I hugged him from behind and he looks at me "what is it" he asks "I don't want Sakura to take you away" I wined as he soon petted me "don't worry she won't I love you and you only" he says kissing my head softly before going back to getting ready as I smiled happily at him, and menma came into the room  as he looked at us "naruto we need to talk" menma says as he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out the room and into a place were itachi nor kyuubi could find us.

Third person POV

Not even the ones the they love "OK what is it since you dragged me out here" naruto says looking at his twin as his nine tails swayed softly and his ears went forward showing he was listening carefully.

"The days are numbering it's getting close" menma says as naruto was confused "OK what do you mean" naruto asks "the seasons naruto it's gonna hit you soon and hard" he says as naruto might off took a while as he blushed deeply finally understanding "a-are you sure...."

"I'm positive" menma says.

"W-wait but sasuke and sasukie are new to ears and tail they would be able to make it" naruto says "sasukie might but sasuke won't" menma says as he looked at naruto.

"We're not ready to do that....yet" naruto says as he didn't know what else to say but just stayed silently.

"OK than so what you gonna do when it happens" menma says crossing his arms "there's no way I'm letting anything happen no what" naruto says "but naruto you sure you can last long I know I can but you I don't know" menma says as he looked at his twin brother who just rolled his eyes unhappy with what he was saying.

Soon they had returned home and menma instently ran to find sasukie while naruto just went to itachi's room and knocked on the door as it opened "come in" itachi says as he hair was super messy and he seemed like he was having a hard time working as he sat down "need help" naruto asked.

Itachi stopped what he was doing as he turned around to look at naruto "I don't know if you can" he said as the got up and went to the blond "at least let me try how hard can it be" naruto says.

"Well can you write 459 sentences than with out any breaks" itachi says as naruto lowered his ears "no fupe dis shot I'm out" naruto says as he 360 out the bed room and left "poor itachi I bet his hands die every time he finishes up to 100" naruto says quietly to himself as he kept walking.

Making it to his and menma's room a disterbing sight was set apon him as he back up slammed the door and ran like an athlete.

'What did I just see, what did I just see, what did I just see' he thought over and over again as he was in a corner in the living room "why did they have to be there" naruto says and hide his face "hey kit you don't look so goo what's wrong" kyuubi says as he seemed worried for his younger brother and kneeled down "t-they d-d-didn't lock the d-d-door and t-their doing it on m-m-my bed......." naruto says as he head his face in his hands as kyuubi got up "I'll be right back just stay here kit" kyuubi says "don't worry I won't leave" naruto replied ashe staid curled up in a ball but soon felt a hand on his back "hey naru you ok" the person says as naruto looked up to see that it was sasuke before, hugging him "hey what's wrong naru" sasuke says looking into the orange foxed eyes "my brother was...doingsomethinginthebedroomwesharedandwasonmybed" naruto says as he looked down.

Sasuke hugged naruto  close to him as the blond fox began wagging his 9tails  which sasuke found as cute so he wagged his tail as well the two was having a moment which was quiet peaceful but since life wasn't on there side sasuke's phone ringed.

Naruto jumped slightly from the random noise as sasuke answered his phone "Hey sasuke-kun how are you" a females voice said  as sasuke almost dropped his phone instently knowing who it was "dang it" he says as naruto took sasuke's and quietly used his sexy no jutsu.

"Sasuke? Who's that hun" naruto says as he sounded female and since it was on speaker sasuke could hear everything "oh my god I got the wrong number sorry also since you answered your phone the tracker is looking for your location right now maybe we can hang out" Sakura says as naruto and sasuke looked at each other and sasuke picked naruto up and ran out the house to a different location he put naruto down rinted a room and soon once he got the room key he  instead pick naruto back up and went up the starts to the 4th floor room 408 entering sasuke closed the door and sat naruto back down.

"Really now why would you do that" naruto says sounding a little angry though he kept his feminine voice

"I'm really sorry ma'am I was just trying to find my boy friend is all"

'Oh no this pink beach did not just call my sasuke hers' naruto thought angrily

"Oh no harm no harm tell me this how long you've been dating"

"For months now"

'I will freaking stave this lunatic' naruto thought again

"Wow that's a long time....well I gotta go"


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