Chapter 1

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Spencer☕️ has added Aria🎨, Alison👸🏼, Emily💃🏽 and Hanna👠 to the chat.

Hanna👠 - So whats this?
Emily💃🏽 - Spence i have to work. I don't have time to chat sorry.
Spencer☕️ - Wait Em! Can you girls come over tonight i need your help😬
Emily💃🏽 - Sure
Hanna👠 - Sure, but you tell Caleb. I promised him that i would come over tonight so he won't be happy with you😂💋
Aria🎨 - Hee girls, whats upp?
Spencer☕️ - Fine, i'll add him

Spencer☕️ has added Caleb💻 to the chat

Hanna👠 - Wait Spencer! I was just joking
Spencer☕️ - Too late my darling😂
Caleb💻- Whats this?
Hanna👠 - Hiii babyy
Caleb💻 - Hee princess❤️
Spencer☕️ - Okay i think i'm gonna interrupt you two before you are drooling on your screens
Hanna👠 - Hey! You can't blame me he's too cute 😍
Caleb💻 - 😳, Loveyou Han❤️
Aria🎨 - Okay okay let Spencer talk 😂
Spencer☕️ - Well it isn't actually talking, because we don't use our mouths and we are texting.
Hanna👠 - straight to the point please😴
Aria🎨 - Hanna!
Hanna👠 - Sorry i was just saying what you all where thinking 🙄
Caleb💻 - I agree bby
Spencer☕️ - Ofcourse you do..
Aria🎨 - Okay okay, Spence what did you wanna say to Caleb?
Caleb💻 - To me?
Spencer☕️ - Yes, if Hanna can come over to my place tonight bc i kinda need her😅
Hanna👠 - Not my idea babe so don't blame me❤️❤️
Caleb💻 - Sure, Han is it okay if i come over now ?
Hanna👠 - sure i'd love to
Caleb💻 - Is your mom home?
Hanna👠 - No, why?😝
Caleb💻 - Oh nothing.. We can study together if you want
Aria🎨 - Let me guess biology?😂
Spencer☕️ - OMG gross
Hanna👠 - Spence you're calling us gross?😂 last time i was alone with you during lunchbreak you were sexting Toby...
Caleb💻 - No you didn't😂😂😂
Spencer☕️ - Ofcourse i did not!
Hanna👠 - Yes you did Hastings
Emily💃🏽- Where are we talking about?
Caleb💻 - Spencer and Toby sexting😂
Hanna👠 - Caleb promise me we are never gonna do that😂
Caleb💻 - Promise baby, we are the real deal😉😏
Hanna👠 - 😘😘
Aria🎨 - You guys are such weirdos😂
Emily💃🏽 - I never tought Spencer would do things like that😂 did she really do that Han?
Spencer☕️ - Nooo!
Hanna👠 - Yes😂

Spencer☕️ has left the chat

Aria🎨 - someone is mad😂 Fix it Han
Hanna👠 - Okay okay
Caleb💻 - Han, i'll be there in 10 minutes
Hanna👠 - Yeah thats fine bby

Hanna👠  Has added Spencer☕️ to the chat

Hanna👠 - I'm sorry Spence, we were just joking around 💋
Spencer☕️ - Don't worry i'm not mad maybe it's kinda true
Emily💃🏽 - Seriously Spence omg you have to tell me all about it😂
Hanna👠 - Gross
Aria🎨 - Gross


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