All Your Demons Will Look Like Me

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Lily's Pov

we walked through the station the only nonie was the shouting and screaming of those who inhabited the sells, it was cold and inhuman i felt alone even though i was with many people. everyone was here Charlie, Mia , Riley and Nina met us at the station much to the officers dismay, Ethan was silent in the car and i was grateful if he said another word i would start to cry and i didn't want to cry in front of strangers. every now and then i would catch him look at me as i glanced at him, we were both worried i knew him well enough that he was felling the same things i was.

we reached a metal door and i wooden door the officers went through the wooden door telling us all to wait here. we were all silent none of us wanted to break the silence until...

"What do you think he wants?" Nina asked to known in particular shrugged as everyone murmured

"whatever it is, it cant be good" Ethan said while he leant against the wall he's never been so closed off in his hole life, he didn't look at nor at anyone else i was hurt but this is what i wanted this is what we both needed. i heard footsteps come down the corridor i looked to see my parents and my brother , Callum rushed up to me and hugged me it was a bone crushing hug but for the first time since coming out of that place i really wanted this hug.

"Whats the meaning of this?" I heard my fathers voice boom through the corridor.

"We don't know" I said he looked at me and frowned slightly.

"She's his last request " Ethan spoke we all turned to him the way he said it was so bitter.

"is that true?" my mum asked i nodded and she gasped

"Why would you do it?" my brother asked I was quite again while I looked at Charlie he nodded incrouging me to speak?

"Please I would love to know why" I heard ethane voice I started to get angry he had no right he just needed to trust me.

Suddenly we heard the door open again showing the two officers and a short woman in a suit she looked at all of us and smiled slightly.

"Your like a pack you wont leave each other alone" she said with humour evident in her tone.

"who are you?" nina asked looking her up and down

"i am agent Cartier , i have been on the case concerning Mr Brown" she said we all looked at her with suspicion

"And why may I ask have you brought children down to the station where the man who kidnapped my daughter is that," my dad asked his voice full of power. I heard more footsteps and I saw Ethan's parents his mother worried and his father staring at the agent with disgust. Ethan's mother ran up to him hugging him he did seemed bothers but he did tower over her little frame.

"This is highly inappropriate , officer" his dad spoke he was quite powerful and it showed.

"Its agent ... but your children are both eighteen they are adults... they can make their own decision in which Miss Reed did" she spoke and spoke every word with force and power she was right we were both adults.

"And yet we are the last ones to find out ..." my mother spoke with anger which was rare " why is he requesting to see my daughter?"

"Thats what we intend to find out today... if your daughter ... and your son still wants too" I felt everyones eyes on us I looked at Ethan who was looking at me with concern, I looked quickly away and at agent Cartier.

"Yeah... I still want too" I said finally she smiled slightly and looked at Ethan who nodded slightly.

"I'll show you to the room he will see you together" she grabbed ahold of my arm with force I whinged in pain as some bruises were on my arm, I then felt Ethan's hand brush agains mine as we walked towards the door. "officers show there parents and friends to the viewing room.

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