That Story Untold

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Watching those stars really soothe me.

Those little things that shine brightly in the dark sky.

I don't know why, but I just can't take away my eyes off them, it's as if that they are meant for something.

I wonder if others were watching it too. Do they feel the same as mine? does it make them happy? 

Are they also wondering what's behind those twinkling stars?

I then stopped from thinking when...

"They're lovely" someone said

I turned. I saw him, looking up in the sky... then looked at me smiling.

I just smiled back and faced up again.

That was the day we first met. And since that day, we're always been together...

We used to jog each morning, then he'd treat me a cup of coffee.

He rides me to work and back home every day.

When we're apart, he'd call, asking if I'm alright.

Every weekend, we hang out at my place or his, or sometimes we take trips, anywhere as long as there's adventure.

We're alike when it comes with surprises. Each occasions; christmas, new year, valentines, or birthdays, we have plans to surprise one another.

I'll never forget what he did on my birthday, when I thought he forgot about it.

I came to the place where I'm supposed to attend a meeting. As I entered, the lights went off, I then started to panicked and shouted for someone's help, cause I'm not and absolutely not fond of darkness.

My feet were shaking as I stepped bit by bit... but my eyes widened as I heard something...

I've been passing time watching trains go by,  

all of my life

A sound of a guitar, and a voice...

that sounds familiar

lying on the sand, watching seabirds fly  

wishing there would be  

someone waiting home for me

something's telling me it might be you  

it's telling me it might be you 

all of my life

And I don't know anymore if what I felt when small bulbs suddenly lighted in different colors, lined that makes a path to one direction. Shocked, confused, frightened, puzzled, I guess my mind and body stopped on functioning that moment.

looking back as lovers go walking past

all of my life

wondering how they met and what makes it last  

if I found the place  

would I recognize the face

As I looked on the other side of the hall, I saw a lighted board that has a message greeting me a 'Happy Birthday', and in the end of it was an arrow.

I then turned to the direction the arrow was pointing...

Something's telling me it might be you  

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