Chapter 1.

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"What would you like to have for dinner?" I heard my mom ask my little sister Sophie when I walked through the kitchen. "And where do you think you're going?" she asked me before my sister had the chance to answer. Even though I was already seventeen years old, my mom was still very strict about the rule that the whole family had to eat dinner together. I could only skip it if I had a very good reason. "Riley just asked me to come over, she apparently has some kind of an emergency but don't worry I'll be back before dinner." I promised and gave my mom a smile. "I'll come get you if you don't show up." I was sure my mom would actually do that.

I was very lucky to be neighbors with my best friend Riley. We lived on the same street and her house was right in front of mine. I could walk from my house to hers in less than five seconds and I loved it. With my mom's rules it would have been impossible for me to see Riley as much as I wanted to if she didn't live so close.

"I'm here. Tell me what's going on." I said as I stepped into Riley's room. She was sitting on her bed and I was relieved when I noticed an angry look on her face. Angry Riley was much better than sad Riley. "She is ruining my summer." Riley said without looking at me. She stared at her hands. I sat down next to her and put my arm around her. "Who is?" I asked. Riley sighed before she answered me. "My stupid and selfish sister".

When I heard Riley say those words a part of me thought I had only imagined it. After a moment I understood that she was serious and I couldn't help but smile. I tried to hide the smile and remind myself that I needed to focus on Riley but I couldn't do it. The only thing on my mind was Riley's older sister, Lucy, who I had had a huge crush on since I was thirteen.

Lucy Bennett was my best friend's sister and I had always known how inappropriate my feelings for her were but I couldn't stop them. I had known their family my whole life and when I was growing up I used to look up to Lucy who was five years older than me and always seemed cool in every way. She often had to babysit me and Riley which I always liked a lot. My feelings for her changed when I was thirteen and she was about seventeen. I still remember the exact moment when I saw her in her window from across the street. She looked so beautiful in a way no other girl ever did. That's when I realized that I didn't just admire her and want to be like her, I liked her way more than that in a very different way. That was also when I knew that I wasn't straight. I still didn't know what I was exactly but I didn't really care either. I was still young I could figure everything out later. The only thing I knew for sure was that I liked girls. A lot.

"Ella? Did you hear what I said?" Riley had turned to look at me and I tried my best not to look exited. "Why is she coming back?" I asked. "Probably because she wants to annoy me." Riley really didn't seem to like this and I almost felt bad for secretly being so happy about it. Riley obviously didn't know about my feelings for Lucy. That was probably the only secret I had kept from her and I was pretty sure that she had no secrets from me. We always told everything to each other, she had been the first person I came out to as well. And so far she was also the last person I had come out to because no one else knew. I figured there was no point in telling anyone else when I was still a little confused about this myself.

"She told mom and dad that she needs to figure some stuff out or something, which I think means that she has fucked up and she is now broke and doesn't have anywhere else to live." Riley told me. "Why does this bother you so much?" I had thought Riley and Lucy were getting along just fine. "I don't know what it is but she just drives me crazy. When she didn't live at home I could almost stand her and she sometimes seemed like a nice person but when we live together it never goes well. She always acts like I'm very childish and stupid and I hate it, I hate her!" Riley threw a pillow she was holding on the ground. "I'm sorry you feel that way but I really think that you'll get used to having her here and it will all work out." I said trying to make her feel better. "You haven't heard the worst part." Riley said speaking in a very serious voice. "What is it?" I was slightly concerned. "I'm going to have to share my bathroom with her." Riley told me making me laugh.

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