Part 9 ( kyu ayyappa )

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Guys please read till end..!! I have something for you.


Papa. !! Manan voice stopped him he turn back to see manan standing there with smile on his face.

I.. I am.. Iam sorry..!! Manik said while hugging manan.

Don't say sorry papa..!! I love you, I love you so much..!! Please humari zindagi mei wapas ajao..!! Please I want to introduce you to my friends that you are my papa..!! I am too have papa..!! And he is The rock star of world..!! Manan said while cleaning manik tears.

Manik have no words to say..!! Because with manan words he can imagine that how much he missed him..!! How much he missed his love..!! Because of his stupid ego, because of his impulsive decision his son is suffering a lot.

Papa..!! Kuch bolo..!! But mujh aap dono chahiye..!! Manan said pulling manik from his thought.

I promise you son, I will make everything ok and we three will leave happily for ever..!! Manik said kissing his forehead.

Forever hamesha...!! Manan promise? Manan asked forwarding his little palm towards manik.

Forever hamesha..!! Your papa promise..!! Manik said keeping his palm in his.

But I need your help to get your mom back..!! Will you help me?? Manik asked him while sitting on sofa with manan on his lap.

Yes, papa I will do anything..!! Manan said resting his head on manik heart.

When manan rested his head on manik heart..!! Manik felt some different feeling, his eyes filled with tears.

Few drops of tears fall on manan hand..!! Manan immediately looked towards his papa face and saw silent tears falling from his eyes.

Uffff.... You are crying again..!! Please don't cry I can't see you and mumma crying..!! Manan said cleaning tears.

Manik hold manan hand kissed his tiny hand which manan cleaned his tears while looking at manan.

Aab bolona what is the plan..!! Said manan.

Manik smiled and discussed plan with manan..!!

Manan kissed manik cheeks tightly and run towards his mumma room to execute his plan.


Mumma..!! Manan called nandini standing near door..!!

Nandini immediately wiped her..!!

Come baby..!! Why are you standing their? Nandini asked.

Mumma..!! Can I ask you some thing please..!! Manan said making puppy face.

Bolo beta..!! Do you want something..!! Now nandini was confused with manan behaviour because he never asked like this before.

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