Chapter 21

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I am laying awake on my bed. I could not sleep. My pregnancy goes good, but i get nauseous sometimes. I have weird wishes sometimes, like yesterday i wanted a cucumber after eating a cake. Yet I can't feel the baby, but i somehow i feel its presence.

I want something now and i really don't want to get up.

"Peeta" i nudge him, he is sleeping deeply. "Peeta!"

"hmm" he groans and turns around.

"Peeta wake up!"

"What?" he is starting to wake up. "What's up? Are you okay?"

"Yes i am, i just... I just... Want something so bad..." a confusion crosses his face for a moment, but then his expresion changes to flirty and his eyes start to spark.

"Well, you woke me up at 3 am, the only thing you may want so bad is..."

"Shut up!" i put my hand on his mouth and i feel my cheeks blush. "No it's not anything... Dirty. I just wanted an ice cream."

"An ice cream? Now?" he groans and puts a pillow on his head. "i have way better ideas than bringing an ice cream right now."

"No, Peeta. I want an ice cream. We want an ice cream" i put a hand on my belly, i know he can't resist it.

"Okay, okay i will get you an ice cream. Have we got it or should i buy it?"

"i don't know, maybe we have it in the fridge. Check it." He stands up and walks out of the room.

"I want strawberry flavored!" i call him. But after one minute i realize that i want chocolate ice cream.

"Peeta!" i call out again.

"Yes?" i hear his distant voice.

"i want a chocolate ice cream!"

"Oh, God! Are you sure?"


After few minutes Peeta walks in with two cups of ice cream.

"I will eat it with you." He smiles and sits next to me on the bed, our backs leaning on the headboard and our legs spread on the sheets. I feel comfortable, i put my head on his shoulder and eat a spoonful of ice cream.

"It's delicious!" i say. "We like it."

"Looks like our daughter has a taste like you" he smiles.

"Daughter? How do you know it's a girl?"

"Trust me, it's a girl. I feel it, father prediction, maybe." i laugh and kinda believe him.

"Great, i don't really care it will be a boy or a girl."

"Me neither, i will love her or him with all of my heart."

"Me too." i say, wiping an ice cream off my cheek.

"There's more" Peeta says, wiping my cheek. "You are so messy."

"I am not" i protest. There's a little silence between us when we just sit and eat ice cream. I think about my situation, i think about my old self who was certain that she would never have children. But time changed and so did i. I remember the times when i was in school, trying to find the words and say simple "thank you" to Peeta. Then, i was thinking he was so different, so far from my reality and everything, but later i realized we were just two children forcing to do things that were so against our morals. He was not from different planet, we were made from the same material. As i think about it now, i think i had a crush on him years before the Games. I had a crush on a boy who saved me and my family, who gave me a hope and inspiration how to be strong and how to help my family. He showed me kindness and love, yet he was so little. We were so little. Of course i had a crush on him, subconsciously, but still... And now i am carrying his baby. Life is weird, isn't it?

"Katniss?" his voice drags me out of my thoughts. "Have you ever thought about writing a book?"

"What? What book?"

"I was thinking this morning and, as time passes some people or moment from our past is becoming blurry, like new things changes them. Like i was thinking about Rue's eyes and i could not remember what color they were. I mean, we can keep our loved ones with us forever in our hearts, but i want their real names and faces with me. To show them to our children and their children and etcetera. I want to keep memories alive."

"That actually sounds great." i smile and kiss him.

"Really? I am happy you liked the idea. Let's start working on it from tomorrow."


"I will draw memories, just as i was doing after the first Hunger Games."

"Yeah, they were pretty real and they kinda scared me though."

"That's what we went through, our children must know that."

"hmm right, but please let's talk about it tomorrow, i want some sleep." His words has a drug effect. After eating a whole cup of ice cream, i am really full and really sleepy. I put a cup away and put my head on his broad chest.

"Goodnight my princess" he adjust his position and hugs me. "Princesses" he corrects himself and i smile, already knowing how great father he will be.

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