Chapter 68

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I was abruptly woken early on the morning of the school trip. I had attempted to call Matt a number of times after running into Kim with Vicki at the mall the previous night, and I hadn’t really slept much.

I was worried about him. I knew that he always had had a tendency to run off and away from things in life when they got too stressful for him to handle, but it was getting a bit ridiculous. He couldn’t keep on doing it and it was clearly starting to piss everyone off.

I knew that I had to apologise for my part in our argument, and I would only be lucky if I managed to rectify our relationship after the events of the weekend. He was mad, and I could only hope that what had been said was only said because he was angry.

I didn’t want him to be mad anymore, and I just wanted things to go back to the way they were, although I still wasn’t completely over what had actually gone on between us. I didn’t feel that we still could trust each other and I didn’t feel that I could trust him as I once thought.

I knew that we both had a lot to lose by continuing with our relationship, and I assumed that Matt had only just begun to realise and become aware of everything.

“You’re…quiet…today” my mom told me randomly as we drove to Emily’s house to pick her up and go to the airport where we were meeting the teachers and the rest of the people going on the field trip.

“It’s three in the morning. I’m tired” I retorted with a yawn to make things seem more believable. I slumped down in the chair a bit and rested my head on my hands.

“Will Matt be going?” she asked.

“He’s supposed to be going.”

“Well, then,” she edged. “You two be careful.”

We both knew that something had gone on between Matt and I – although my mom wasn’t exactly sure of what it was – and I could tell that she was hinting at me to tell her or something. I wasn’t going to. I’d rather she didn’t know about that.

“I haven’t seen much of him this week. Was that because you’re ill? Or have you been arguing again? Or?”

“He’s been sick too” I told her bluntly. It wasn’t exactly a lie, I suppose. He hadn’t been in school at all the past week.

“Oh” she sighed as we pulled up to Emily’s house. I hadn’t spoken to Emily in the week that I had been off, and she didn’t know about Matt and I still. I just didn’t want to tell anyone. I could only trust Vicki.

And, thankfully, my mom knew that so she immediately shut up as soon as Emily jumped in the car and hauled her bag inside with her.

“God, I’m so tired” she yawned excitedly as she began to drive away from her house. “You must be too Charles. Are you still sick?”

I shook my head. “I’m feeling better now.”

She laughed and shot me a look that knew exactly where I had been and the exact condition of my health. Of course she knew that I hadn’t been sick at all.

“Mr Sanders has been ill too. Hopefully he’ll be better and coming with us” she teased, before quietening down with the presence of my mom.

I gave her a look to tell her to shut up – although I’m not exactly sure why I needed to bother – and we continued the rest of the car journey practically in silence.

Occasionally, my mom would ask Emily a question, mostly about what I had been missing at school, and if she was okay, what we were going to be doing and stuff like that.

The entire time in the car I could only think of my mom and what she was thinking. I knew exactly that he would be thinking about Matt and it bugged me one hell of a lot.

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