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After 3h we got a text from my friend and he told us to come to this address and we jumped in to the car and got their as fast as we could after 20 minutes of driving we got there and my friend was there

"Hey" we hugged

"Hey it was a long time ago"

"Yes! So you guys got the money?!"

"HAHAH ofc and I decided to give you some bonus money"


"Come and follow me!!"

We walked inside and he then walked down to the bashmet and opened and door with 5 locks on it and it was about 10 cm thick and when he open it I was blown away

We walked inside and he then walked down to the bashmet and opened and door with 5 locks on it and it was about 10 cm thick and when he open it I was blown away

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I have never seen this much money on one place omg!!!

"Wtf who? how?"

"I got my contacts and you don't have to give anything back!!"

"How much is it!"

"It about 11,000,000$ maybe more I don't remember" he laughed

"Wtf omg I don't know how to thank you!!"

"It okey!! Ohh and we would love to help you guys with getting ur friend and family back!!"

"Ohh really!! Omg thanks!!"

"No problem, so what's the plan?"

"We don't know yet.."

"Okey but follow me I think I got a plan" we followed him in to a room and some other guys were sitting together playing poker, they all stood up and greeted us we then went true the plan


Okey let's go and save them"
After 1 h drive we were here at the address we should meet at I texted the person saying we are here but what they didn't know is that we have over 40 armed men with us but they were hiding.

"So you did it!" A man stepped forward and I was shocked when I saw who it was.. it was my old best friend nick and my old best friend Rose

"Where are they!" I look at rose

"They are in there" she points at two mini vans

"The money!"

"First bring them out here I wanna see if they are okey!!!"
The then open the door and Olivia and Jose family members comes out
We hand them the money but as soon as they got the money I said something in the corner of my eye it was someone with a gun and they were about to shoot Olivia and I turned around and did sign language and shoot him a massive gun fight started. My team took Olivia and them other to a saver area. We kill everyone except my to "friend" I walked slowly up to them and looked at Rose right into her eyes

"I'm sorry I just needed money.."

"Haha you have always been so bad at lying bitch" I the just put my gun to her head and shot her with no emotions and I did the same with Nick
We then just left and me and Jose still had to work on our relationship but it's looking good!

We took the all the money and decided to move and make everything better.

2 years later

It been two years wow time passes by fast me and Jose is happy together and our family too and I'm so grateful for Jose family because they all took us in like we were one of them!
Me and Jose has the biggest gang in the world atm and everybody is afraid of us we don't have any problems with our gangs because they are to afraid ohh and me an Jose are having a child soon
My life is finally going the right way I just wish my family could be here to see att this..

The end

Thanks for reading this story!! And I decided to post my last chapter and I hope you enjoy it! I know a lot of people probably want more but as y'all have seen I have been posting since 2016 or so but I hope y'all understand! I don't think I will make any more of this book and I'm glad over 45k has read it that's mind blowing thank you so much

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