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"Aww Jose!! Ur so sweet and keep trying because I don't want to leave you too..!"

"I will!! Ur my everything"

We were just sitting in the living room when I suddenly get a text

Unknown number:  Hey if you don't come to this address we will kill Olivia's family and Jose family!!!

Me: what fuck!! Do you have any idea how ur talking with??

Unknown number: yes ofc Sandra H and we want 7,000,000$ you got 24h

Jose look I sowed him the text he picked up his phone and call his mom

"Hey mom is everything alright??"

"Ohhh hi Jose I would figure that you would call"

"If you thous my family or Olivia family.. I'm going to kill you okey!!"

"Hahhaha you have no idea who I am so I suggest that you shut the fuck up okey!!!

Me: okey we are doing it but 7,000,000$ is really hard to get in 24h we need more time!

Unknown number:  Noo! You have 24h or they all will be dead!!!

Me: okey!..

We all started talking to our contacts and tbh I was so mad and scared at the same time because I did what anyone hurting my family and best friend!! We have been calling and texting people for maybe 4 hours and we only have 100,000$ this is not good... we have now 20 hours to get the rest of the money!..

"You got any lucky?" Jose asked

"Noo.." I added

"Don't worry, everything will be alright!! I would let everyone hurt Olivia okey" Jose said!

"Thank you so much jose" I smiled

"You don't have to thank me! I need to make it up to you!!"

" you are so sweet!" He smiled and as we counted to call people to see if anyone could help us! But it was really hard we couldn't find anyone how had that typ of money..
Maybe after 6 hours of call and talking to a lot of people we got 1,900,000$ and then it hit me I got a friend that is supposed to do anything for me because I saved his life so I called him

- hey

- hey what's up

- not much so how you doing?

-I'm good! So it wasn't yesterday we talked. Do you need anything?

-haha yes actually I need that favor you owe me

-ohh so what's up?

- okey so we need 7,000,000$ in 24h and we got now 1,900,000$ and it's been 10h so could you help us because if we don't get the money the person Ig got to kill Olivia and my really good boy friend family

-hmm of course I will help you but just let me do some calling and I will be back to you soon

-okey bye

*end of the call*

Me and Jose was sitting waiting for him to call back it been about 2 hours and I'm getting a bit nervous because we are running out of time..

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