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*Spoiler Alert - this story is the prequel to the P.O.E. Chronicles, and will reveal some mystery in the novel (think Star Wars). If you want to read chronologically, go ahead, otherwise, read Evolution first*

I have made a few changes in the soon-to-be-published version of the Evolution (coming Sept 2016), which resulted in some deviation from the first draft I posted on Wattpad.

You can find links to the published version of Evolution in my profile.


If you want to keep up to date with my self pub journey, sign up for my weekly email - I will be giving out free advance copy to my list:  http://eepurl.com/b7YBwb


I am running a contest, starting right now (17/8/16) and last for a month (17/9/16)

There are two components:

1) Fan art - anything from banners to covers to just  words in front of a photo. Show me some P.O.E. Universe love in the form of visual media!

You can submit it by commenting the link to your media below (probably easiest by uploading it to imgur

2) Tell me, in 3 sentences, which Originals you would like to meet and why

Comment below and I will pick the most creative/compelling one!


1) Name a character - as always, I am happy to feature a reader's name (or one of their choosing)

2) The first Advance Reader Copy of Evolution - maybe not before my sister, but you will get it AS SOON AS IT IS DONE.

3) A secret prize - I won't tell what it is yet, so enter and win to see!

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