Author's Note

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If you're new to the IN HER NAME series, I'd like to invite you to check out the previous books, which are listed on my web site at - note that FIRST CONTACT (Book 1) and EMPIRE (Book 4) are currently free as ebooks. :-)

RED LEGION (IN HER NAME, Book 10) reintroduces Reza Gard and a number of the other characters from the REDEMPTION Trilogy. What you are about to read in this story picks up right after Chapter 10 in CONFEDERATION, which tells of Reza's graduation from Marine training on the planet Quantico. RED LEGION will begin to fill the six year gap between that chapter and Chapter 11, when we again join up with Reza and his friends on the planet Erlang. I don't know at this point if that entire gap will be filled or if we'll skip around a bit; this is a bit of a "seat of the pants" adventure, so we'll have to see where the characters take us.

In a complete change of my usual publishing process, as an experiment I decided to reveal the book chapter by chapter as I write it here on Wattpad for two main reasons. First, fans like you have keen eyes and can help call out any bloopers or continuity errors in each new chapter. Consider this "crowd-sourced editing," if you like.

Second, and more importantly for me and, I hope, for you, is that it's a way for fans to really get into the story by becoming directly involved in the creative process. And by that I don't mean just doing easter egg hunts for typos, but by reading and commenting to me and one another about what they think of the story. We - author and readers - have a way to interact in a meaningful way, whereas before I felt I was largely limited to posting occasional small snippets and word counts which, frankly, can't be terribly exciting to hear. 

So, please do join us in the read-along. If you spot bloopers, great. But if you just want to be part of the process of a story's creation by reading along, that's great, too. I hope you enjoy it! 


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