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They make hot chocolate together and Harry brings the biscuits in with them. Louis is glad he brought the blanket in so they can sit on the couch again.
"I'll make an appointment tomorrow," Harry sighs.
"Okay. D'you want me to come with you?" Louis asks as he sips his drink.
"Yes please. I need you more than ever now," Harry says quietly. "Thank you for all of the support. You're absolutely brilliant."

"You've supported me everyday for nearly two years, I think it's about time I returned the favour," Louis laughs lightly. "Besides, what kind of fiancé would I be if I didn't?"
"Mm, fiancé," Harry grins lazily. "I love the sound of that."
"Me too," Louis giggles. He leans up to capture Harry's lips, humming as they move together slowly.

"I love you, baby," Harry whispers.
"I love you, too, daddy," Louis smiles, kissing him again and again. "I really fucking love you."

Louis holds Harry's hand the whole time they're in the doctors, silently comforting him as he answers the doctors questions and talks about how he feels. The doctor recommends a therapist after Harry has gone back twice and puts him on the waiting list.

It's hard, Harry let's himself be more emotional around Louis and sometimes Louis has to hold Harry as he cries himself to sleep. Sometimes Harry just feels like he can't be alone so he goes to work with Louis or Louis will go to work with him.

The waiting list isn't too long for Harry and he is at his first session a month before his and Louis' second anniversary.

Louis comes to his rest session, but steps out of the room when the therapist asks him to. He waits in the car for Harry, accepting the hug Harry pulls him into when he gets in.

"Lou," Harry wails, burying his face in his hands. Louis coos softly and climbs into Harry's lap, smoothing his hair and kissing his head.
"It's okay, Haz. Everything's okay," Louis whispers. Harry holds him tight, sobbing into his chest.

"I want to start going to the gym again," Harry says over breakfast. When Harry first told Louis how he felt Louis suggested eating healthier again, instead of ordering food so often. Harry has started running and working out at home, but Louis always makes sure he isn't doing too much and is eating enough.
"Yeah? I'll come with you," Louis suggests.
"But I love you all soft and pudgy," Harry whines. Louis flushes.
"Don't be silly," Louis dismisses.
"I do, you're so pretty and fuck-"

Harry moves over to Louis, kissing him heatedly. He lifts him up, carrying him up the stairs and dropping him on the bed. Louis pulls him back down with him as they both kick off their boxers.
"Lie down, daddy," Louis says. "Please?"

Harry smiles and kisses him again before he lies back on the bed.
"On your belly," Louis tells him. Harry obediently rolls over and tries to settle. Louis straddles the back of his thighs, kissing his shoulders softly.

"You look so beautiful, all soft and pretty," Louis whispers as his hands massage down Harry's back.   He pays special attention to the soft pudge around his hips, moaning as he squeezes them gently. His dick presses against Harry's leg, giving him something to rub against.

He moves down to grope Harry's bum, listening to Harry whimper quietly.
"Such a pretty little bum, so cute."

Harry moans loudly as Louis sucks a bruise into his thigh.
"You're absolutely gorgeous, perfect. My daddy, my Harry, my fiancé."
"I love you, Lou," Harry mumbles into the pillows.
"I love you, Haz. Forever."
He lets Harry turn over. He kisses back up his calves, humming when he gets to the stretch arks on Harry's knees.
"I remember when these appeared. You seemed quite down about them," Louis comments.
"I didn't want you to not find me attractive," Harry mutters.
"I could come in my pants just from looking at you, Haz. But I'm not allowed, am I?. Still not convinced you're not an angel, but I'm going to keep you on earth as long as possible."

Harry chuckles. His eyes are filling up again and he's sighs.
"I'm sorry for being like this," he apologises and wipes at his eyes.
"Hey, don't. When I'm little- even when I'm not if I'm being real - I cry all the time. I think you've cried less going through this than I have, Haz," Louis says gently.
"Sorry for making you upset."

Louis slowly makes his way up Harry's body, lips forming pretty bruises at his laurel tattoos. He nips at each of Harry's nipples which makes Harry giggle and bat at him.

Then he kisses Harry slowly and passionately. Louis feels like time stands still and nothing else exists. How cliche.

"You remember when I was still telling you stuff about Zayn? Because there was some stuff I hadn't mentioned or because we'd not long been together. You got upset them. Not because I'd made you sad, but because you felt bad knowing I did. I couldn't help it, you were being empathetic and you loved me. That's exactly what's happening now," Louis explains. He lies down next to Harry and accepts the kiss he gets easily.

"So clever," Harry whispers and his hand trails up, over Louis' bum and his hips and his pudgy belly. "So beautiful. I meant what I said before, your little tummy deserves endless attention."
"I believe you called it pudge," Louis points out as Harry situates himself between his legs. Harry grins up at him and bites his thigh, tongue laving over the sting.

"You are pudgy and you are sinfully arousing. I think all of my cooking and baking definitely helped," he agrees and his hands hold Louis' hips. He moans lewdly as his thumbs push into the fat on Louis' tummy. "I wouldn't have you any other way. You're so curvy and soft and beautiful and-"
"You do realise that's how I view you?" Louis asks nervously. "I think you look incredible when you aren't super chiselled. There's just something about it that makes me want to taste every inch of your skin, come in the dimples of your back. I'd love you if you were three hundred pounds heavier."

Harry moves forward to kiss Louis fiercely, tongues tangling as their moans are swallowed. He hunches his back and groans when his dick rubs over Louis' belly. Louis whimpers, his dick slightly to the left of Harry's and being brushed up against every time Harry ruts against his tummy. His nails dig into Harry's shoulders, back arching into the treatment. Harry pants into his mouth, eyes squeezed closed as he swears loudly and comes onto Louis' belly.

Louis sniffles when Harry pulls away and pouts up at him.
"I'll rim you?" Harry offers. Louis grins.

It really doesn't take long for Louis to come, Harry licking enthusiastically at his home.
"Daddy!" Louis cries out and pulls on his hair. Harry lifts his head up and admires the love bites he's left on Louis' tummy and hips and how lovely their come looks together.

They tangle their legs together underneath the sheets and both fall asleep feeling a little better.

I feel like this book is off to a shit start :(. Sorry for being a bad writer x

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