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Harry and Louis are slightly on edge, Harry nervous to bring it up and Louis worried about Harry. Louis isn't little. He wakes up after Harry, the bed empty and cold.

He wraps the blanket around his shoulders and goes searching for Harry. Harry is leaning on the kitchen counter, sipping a cup of tea. Louis goes to stand beside him, thanking him quietly when he slides over a cup of tea.

"Had breakfast?" Louis asks.
"I was waiting to see what you wanted. Gonna have granola and Greek yogurt," Harry mumbles, avoiding Louis' gaze.
"That sounds nice," Louis agrees. He gulps down his tea, trying to think of a way to ease the tension.

They sit together at the table once Harry's made their breakfast.
"Oh this is ridiculous!" Louis  exclaims when Harry finishes his breakfast and gets up silently.

Harry sighs, but doesn't turn around. Louis stands up and walks round to Harry, wrapping his arms around him from behind. He hooks his chin over his shoulder.

"What's wrong? Let me help you how you help me," Louis whispers. Harry turns around and kisses Louis slowly.
"Can we go sit down?" Harry asks. Louis smiles softly and tugs him towards the living room.

They sit facing each other, legs crossed, on the couch. Harry opens his mouth to talk, but sighs and closes it. Louis rests a gentle hand on his thigh.

"Hey, take your time," Louis says softly.
"I uhm- I feel really shitty and self conscious. I've put weight on and I'm really not happy with the way I look. But I occasionally get really down or numb to everything even when my life is great. And yesterday it really just  hit hard," Harry explains, eyes watering slightly.

Louis feels like he can't breathe.
"How long have you felt like this?" Louis asks. He shifts forward until he is nearly in Harry's lap. Harry links his fingers with Louis' and rests their hands on Louis' knees.

"Maybe about three, four months?" Harry estimates. He stares at their hands as he wills the tears away. Louis swallows the lump in his throat and pulls Harry forward. As he lies back Harry lies on him, sobbing into his chest. He runs his fingers through Harry's hair comfortingly.

"I know that this might not make much difference, but I think you're absolutely stunning. I'm so in love with you that everything about you is attractive. Your dimples? They're gorgeous and a great reminder that you're smiling. Your big hands? You use them so well to make me feel so good, sexual or not. Your smile is infectious. Your tummy is so pretty. I loved it when you were all hard and muscular and I love it now when you're a bit more soft and cuddly. Your limbs go on for days and they hold me down and comfort me and carry me so well. Even your feet. I am pretty sure I have a Harry Styles fetish. And one day I'll even have your last name. D'you know how amazing that is Harry? I want to spend the rest of my life with you and grow old with you. I've watched you grow slightly taller, watched your acne flare up because it turns out your skin doesn't like having my come on it for too long," Louis sighs. "It was a shame you looked so pretty."

Harry laughs wetly.
"I love you, Lou. So much. Thank you," Harry sniffles.
"I love you, too, Haz. Have you thought about what you wanted to do about it?"
"I was thinking about going to the doctors so I could see what they say and what they recommend. His voice is still thick with tears and he has already soaked through Louis' shirt.
"C'mon, let's have some hot chocolate and brownies," Louis smiles. "We can have the marshmallows I really wanted, too."

That gets a smile.
"I want you to know that this doesn't mean I don't enjoy and love you. The past nearly two years has been the best time of my life, Lou. And I love you lots. I'm just a little broken," Harry says and his smile is gone again. Louis shakes his head, kissing Harry.
"I don't think you're broken. This could happen to anyone. C'mon let's get up."

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