Chapter 32

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Taehyung's pov

I was woken up by the ringing sound of an alarm. Since when did I own an alarm? The throbbing pain suddenly came up in my head causing me to scrunched my face in pain. What I hate the most about drinking. That's why I don't drink too much but last night, it went out of control.

I forced my body forward as I sit on my bed. There was a pill and one glass of water along with a note on the small table beside the bed so I took the note and read it. It says, "Morning. Your head must be throbbing, right? Here, eat the medicine. - Aira"

I stared at it for a moment, reading it over and over again. Where am I? I looked around my surrounding and finally realised I wasn't in my room. What happened last night? I only remember- I sighed. I don't even want to think about it. It's only making my head hurt even more.

I quickly ate the pill and swallowed it with water. Just wanting the pain to go away. It's just for a short time. Drinking doesn't help at all. But atleast, I got to forget for a while.

Thinking back about last night made me cringe. I couldn't actually believe that Jessica would do that. But I've seen it with my own eyes. It hurts.


I decided to surprise Jessica by coming to her house. Maybe we could cuddle and watch movies together. Or we could hangout and just be with each other.

I arrived at her front house so I knocked on the door. But no one answer and to my surprise, the door wasn't locked. I crept in to see no one was inside. But Jessica's car is here?

I furrowed my eyebrows. Then, I heard noise from upstairs. I was curious so I followed the noise and slowly went upstairs. It leads me to Jessica's room. The door was slightly opened and the scene before me was heartbreaking. There Seojun was ontop of Jessica. They were kissing, more like making out. Their clothes were off on the floor. I gulped and I could feel tears forming in my eyes.

They saw me and they stopped whatever they were doing. Jessica looked at me guiltily.

"How could you Jess? After all that I did for you. I thought we were real!" I said, my chest felt heavy. "I actually believed you and not Aira... I abandoned her yet again... all just for you!" I raised my voice.

I turned around and slammed the door as I run down the stairs and out of her house. I get inside my car and drove to somewhere unparticular. Without realising where my angry self took me, I stopped at a bar club.

Shots after shots, I got drunk and out of control. I planned to drink only one but the pain was too overwhelming and my heart was so hurt that I took a few drinks.

Trying to get out from this place but I was walking unsteadily causing me to bumped into few people and them getting mad at me. The drink took over my body and my vision was blurry but I managed to get out from there.

**end of flashback**

That was the only thing that I remember from last night. I didn't remember coming here. Man, the drink must be too strong. Ugh.

I get up from Aira's bed and went downstairs. The living room was empty. Maybe auntie and uncle isn't home. Where's Aira? Wait- what day is it today? I took my phone from my pocket and unlocked it. Today is monday! I should be going to school. Oh no, eomma is going to be mad.

I left her house after making sure I already closed the door. I saw my car parked on the front. How did I manage to come here in a drunken state? I get inside my car and drive to my house. Actually, our houses isn't that far. Just a few blocks away.


I sneaked into the living room hoping mom is at her work so she will not get mad at me for not coming to school and I don't want her to know that I was drunk.

"Kim Taehyung." I heard someone cleared their throat from behind me causing me to stopped abruptly and jumped in surprised. God, I thought my heart was going to burst out!

I slowly turned to see eomma standing with her arms folded on her chest. "Hehe hi eomma." I giggled nervously.

"Don't you hi eomma me! First of all, where have you been? And second, why are you not in school?!" Eomma scolded.

"I was- I- I slept over at Aira's house last night." I answered quickly. Seriously Taehyung? You just have to include her in.

"She was at school but you weren't!" Eomma looked at me suspiciously.

"How do you know she's at school?" I asked her, while going into the kitchen. I'm hungry. "Eomma, did you cook today? I'm hungry." I pouted at her.

"I won't give you food until you tell me the real reason." She folded her arms, shifting her weight on the other foot.

"Ouch eomma! You don't care about your own son." I pulled out a sad face.

"I do! That's why I want to know the real reason, sweetheart." She emphasized the sweetheart.

I chuckled. "You don't want to know mom. You're just going to get mad if I tell you."

"KIM TAEHYUNG. Tell me now what did you do! Did you do something bad, please tell me you didn't do anything to aira! Y-"

"Wait wait eomma. Aira? She has nothing to do with this. I'm not gonna do anything to her-"

"You said you slept over at her house?"

Shit. Caught.

"I did! But.. you know what.. okay, I'll tell the truth... I was drunk." I finally told and waited for her reaction.

"TELL ME A GOOD REASON WHY YOU'RE GETTING DRUNK?" She yelled. Of course she'll be mad.

"Jessica cheated." I didn't want to argue with her especially early in the morning so I just simply answered her.

Her expression turned to a soft one. "Aw baby, come here." She pulled me in her hug and suddenly, I become weak again in her arm. "That's your fault for staying with the wrong person. Someone was always taking care of you, loving you but instead you chose to look away and focus only on the wrong one. You were blinded, taehyung ah." Eomma said while patting my back. Aira said that too.

"What do you mean eomma?" I asked. I remember Jimin saying the same thing too.. why can't they just tell me straight to the point?

"Open your eyes and then you'll see." She smiled. What is she saying? Mom is only making me more confused.

"Go take a shower first and then come back here and eat." She ordered. I just nodded my head and was about to go upstairs when she called again.

"By the way, later auntie hyejin and her husband along with Aira will come here for dinner." (A/N: i hope i didn't get their mom's name wrong)

That made me stop for a while. Oh no, i'm seeing her again. I was drunk last night. God knows what I did. But maybe, this is a good chance for me to say sorry to her. So, I only hummed and head to my room.



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