Meeting The Parents

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Okay, I really like CERTAIN pregnancy hormones.

The ones that make Harmony want me with a passion.

The other ones that make her a crying mess one minute, then a raging animal the next, I could do without. I hope she didn’t hear me think that…

“What do you mean a crying mess? Are you saying I’m too emotional?” she asked me through our link?

“No, honey. I’m saying it’s a crying mess that we have to sit in the hot sun while we wait for all 248 of our classmates names to be called at graduation this Friday.” I tried to cover up.

“Oh, okay then. That’s true, but we only graduate from high school once, so I think you can handle a little sun.”

Phew, it worked. “And honey?” she continued.

“Yes, babe?”

“If you refer to me as a raging animal again, whether out loud or in your mind, I’ll be sure to permanently cut off all those hormones that make me hot for you, understood?” she asked with a devious smile on her face.

I guess I wasn’t completely in the clear, “Got it. It wasn’t a bad thing, I think you’re cute when you’re all fired up about something.”

“Sure, nice save. I’m going to wait with Cody in the truck for you. Hurry okay, I haven’t seen my mom and dad in months and I can’t wait any longer.” she kissed my cheek and did a slight waddle out of the room.

It’s been 3 months since our separation and make up. We’re due for our first ultrasound tomorrow to tell us the sex of the baby. We’re a little anxious because the doctor said she heard something strange with the heart monitor at our last visit, nothing to worry about, but she wanted a closer look at the baby to see what might have caused it. Harmony insists we’re having a boy because she says she’s way bigger than she should be, meaning she’ll be pushing out a mini me. All will be revealed tomorrow, I’m a little nervous about it, but not as nervous as I am about meeting Harmony’s parents.

They flew in for our graduation and to see their daughters. I’m really worried what her dad will say when we finally meet. He knows all about her pregnancy and my first rejection of her. I’m not sure if he knows about our short separation, I hope not. I’ve already got too many strikes against me, and  though I know Harmony will stay with me whether they like me or not, it would be best if we all get along. I keep getting a bad feeling he’s waiting for me with a shotgun loaded with silver bullets.

A honk from the horn let me know my mate had reached her patience limit, something that has been extremely short since the start of her pregnancy. I finished buttoning my blue collared shirt, spritzed on some of my Farenheit cologne and ran downstairs to the car. As I made my way to the door I heard the Jaws theme coming from the family room. I stopped there to see my cousins looking at me with silent laughter. On the tv was exactly what I thought, Jaws. They had been teasing me all week about Harmonys’ dad’s arrival, and I bet they’d been sitting here for the past 20 minutes, just waiting for my footsteps on the stairs so they could hit the play button. I gave them all a dirty look and turned to leave, their raucous laughter following me all the way out the door.

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