Chapter 1

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"Ok so you're upset that a guy you kind of liked asked you out?" Lace questioned me as we laid on my bed and scrolled through our Twitter feeds.

"Yes, I mean no? Oh I don't know." I said exasperated as I slammed my head down into my pillow, and laid my phone down on the side.

"Ok Mel, let me get this straight. Bryan, one of your best friends, asked you out. Yet you don't know what to do because you have a thing for his best friend, Olly. However Olly hasn't made a move, and you've liked him for a few years now and you haven't made a move either. Yet last week you were even telling me you were starting to have feelings for Bryan?" Lace said as if she were investigating an important mystery.

"Maybe?" , I said. "I don't know. I had a crush on Bryan for all of 3 days but it wasn't a real crush. It was more because he was actually paying attention to me and I liked that. Plus he was being super sweet. I can't go on something like that. It's like those whim dreams you have, ya know where you were dating a celebrity that you never even thought you had a crush on. I've had a thing for Olly for years. I know I haven't made a move." I said move with air quotes , "but we've all become a great group of friends, and I don't know. I guess I just want Olly to be the one to do something, not me."

"As much as I hate to say this Melissa, Bryan is the one making the moves. Olly hasn't. What if your turned down Bryan, a guy that wants you and you get along with and could possible have feelings for later on, to wait for a guy who may never say anything, or may not ever even think of you in that way. Then what? You've lost a great guy, while waiting for another one who isn't coming." Lace explained and as much as I want to disagree I know deep down she is right.

"True, but what do I do when we are in a group setting Lace? If I say yes to Bryan its not going to just automatically get rid of all of my feeling for Olly right away."

"Oh, well that's true.. hummm.." Lace thought, "Well if it is a group setting I can be there!" .

"Maybe..." I said as I thought. "Ok, but what if something goes wrong?" I ask.

"What do you mean?"

"Well if I say yes to Bryan, what if we break up? Then I'd never have a chance with Olly because then I would be his best friends ex and isn't that against bro code or something?" I say way too fast for a normal person to understand, thankfully Lace speaks my language.

Lace started laughing at my use of the words bro code then spoke. "Well you can say no to Bryan and nothing may ever come of you and Olly. So I guess you just have to take a chance. If it means anything to you I do think you and Bryan would be great. He's sweet, has great values, plus he's a musician, a great song writer at that, I know you love his lyrics. Also you must have some slight feelings otherwise you would of just automatically said no, and we wouldn't be sitting here in your room debating this."

"True," I sighed. "I guess if I knew how Olly felt it could fix all of this, but I can't go ask Olly and make it really awkward if he says no, and then make it obvious to Bryan why I said no. I feel like I am perpetually stuck in the song Halfway There by The Vamps Lace! This is so not fun! Olly and I are great friends and I just want to be more and I keep on wondering if he sees me in the same way I see him."

"Hummm.... You and Olly are chatty via text right?"

"Sometimes, yes."

"Well then ask him for advice." Lace suggested.

"How?" I exclaimed. "I can't just be like so this guy asked me out but I like his best friend so I don't know what to say because I kind of like the guy who asked me, yet I've had a thing for his friend for a few years, yet I don't know know if his friend feels anything for me."

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