Hunt or Be Hunted

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Hunt or Be Hunted is slightly like the Hunger Games.If you read the description you know about the character.

Cover by:Hopeisnotcool

Go follow her and check out her books.I love her writing.

Any relation to characters and real people are merely a coincidence.This book is just something that popped into my head one day and I waited for it to evolve into something I'd figure to be interesting.

So since I'm on my phone and have no clue how to set a cast unless I get on a computer,I'm going to put the cast here.And if a new character comes in I will put somewhere in that chapter who portrays them.

So the cast is:

Emilie de Ravin as Mercy Thrompan

One person I know,boring,but wait till we get more into the story.Don't wanna spoil too much.Anyway,hope you enjoy the book and show some love to the vote and comment section.

And your girl Simplysupernatural13 is out✌

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