24. Playing Games

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"Can we just stay here today?" I was so tired and the thought of holing up for the day sounded appealing.

"I've got a few things to do. Why don't you catch up on some sleep? I'll be back soon."

I snuggled into the pillow that Jay used, his scent surrounding me as I drifted back to sleep.

I felt his weight on the bed and shifted closer, sighing as he wrapped me in his arms.

"Hi." I murmured against his chest.

"Hi yourself." Within minutes I was sleeping again.

"You're still here." I stated next time I woke.

"Yeah, I've been watching you sleep."

"Well that's not creepy." I said as I yawned.

"Feeling better?" He asked and I nodded.

"Much. What time is it?" He reached over for his phone.

"Almost 10.30." ""

"Oh good, I didn't waste too much of the day then. Did you get your errands done?"

"Yeah, we're good to hide away for the day."

"Megan rang earlier, she wants you to call her." He called from the room as I stepped out of the shower.

I opened the door, curious about the noise he was making. My eyes widened in surprise and I felt my face flush, but I couldn't look away. Jay was watching me carefully as I stepped further into the room.

"This is where you went?" I asked quietly. ""

"Yes." I could feel him watching me, waiting for a reaction.

"Are you happy with them?" I asked.

"Very." My eyes flicked his way and held his for a moment.

He stepped in behind me, his arms around my waist, his chin resting on my shoulder.

"I like who I am when I'm with you." I whispered as we both looked at the prints he had put up on his wall.

"I like how you make me feel free and how you capture it so perfectly."

I looked at each print individually. They were all of me naked with my panties around my knees, but it wasn't my body that I focussed on, it was my face. My eyes. It was the look that I had as I completely and willingly lost myself in Jay Williams. He had perfectly captured the way I felt.

"I love them." I admitted quietly and I could feel his smile as he kissed my neck.

"See your face?" He said, his voice low and deep and I nodded. "That's how you look at me Mia, that's what I see from you every time we make love. That look drives me fucking crazy, it's so open and raw. It's my fucking drug babe."

My eyes welled with tears when he finished speaking and I turned to face him, our lips meeting in a soft, unhurried kiss that was full of emotion.

"Thank you." I whispered and he brushed away the tear that was rolling down my cheek.

"Never take that look away Mia. Never." His voice was deep and full of emotion and I brushed my lips against his.

"Never." I whispered.

I was a different person to the one I was before I met Jay.  I mean, my personality isn't any different, but my outlook is.  Jay has given me confidence.  Confidence in myself and confidence in my body and I reap the rewards every time he looks at me.  Like right now.  I'm laying out by the pool nudie sunbathing and Jay has a look on his face that's telling me he wants to eat me.  Literally.

"I was thinking...."  He raised an eyebrow and waited for me to continue.  "can we...uh....can we um...." 

"Whatever you have to say, just say it Mia."  He said, his signature smirk showing itself. 

"I was thinking of the photos and I uh...can we have some taken together?  You know, they don't have to be explicit, or even nudie, well some nudie would be good, but you don't have to, maybe just me then, but you could be bare chested, yeah that would be good, and I could, I don't know maybe I can't....." 

His laugh interrupted my little rant and I looked up embarrassed. 

"Whatever you want Mia, however you want them." 

"Really?  You'd do that?  For me?  With me?"  I could feel myself winding up again and Jay stopped me before I started. 

"Really.  If you want them, then I'll do it with you."  My smile turned into a grin and then I laughed. 

"I'm becoming a pervert." 

"Mmm hmmm."  He agreed. 

"Speaking of which," he ran his eyes over my body "you should turn over and get some sun on your kitty." He smirked.

"Babe, you should get out of the sun now." He suggested a little while later. "Come in and I'll make some lunch and we can watch a movie or something."

I decided to cool off first and dove in one end and climbed out the other.

Jays eyes were a deep, deep green as they watched me get out. He lifted his camera and snapped shots as I slowly walked towards him.

"I'm starving." I whispered huskily and my hand brushed his erection as I walked past him and into the house.

I hadn't made it far when I felt his hands on my hips.

"A pervert and a tease." He whispered against my ear and my body shuddered in response.

"Problem?" I asked and he leant me against the wall as he freed himself from his shorts.

"Not for long." He grunted as he entered me. "That's for being a tease." He said as he spanked my asse cheek. "And that's because I know you like it." He said as he slapped the other, my moans proving his words correct.

He grabbed my hands and brought my arms back and around his neck, his arms circling me and holding my breasts, my nipples hardening between his fingers. His thrusts were slow and deep and I begged him to go harder.

"Soon Mia, soon." He whispered against my neck as he twisted my nipples and quickly released the pressure, leaving me panting and wanting more.

"Again?" He asked and I nodded.

"Yes, again." He twisted them just a little longer this time and again and again.

He was fucking me hard now, each thrust grunted out from the exertion. My nipples were sore, but he kept them held tight between his fingers, twisting or pulling at them sporadically.

"Jay." I cried breathily as he hit my g spot, his lips sucking at my neck.

"I can feel your kitty squeezing me babe." He growled as he released one breast and placed his finger on my clit.

"Is this what you want Mia?"

"Yes." I cried when he placed pressure on it.

"Tell me."

"Rub my clit Jay, please, please rub me..." I begged, my voice hoarse from crying out. 

His arms tightened around me as he pounded into me, quickly bringing me to the edge, before slowing his pace. 

"Baby please, please make me cum.  Please Jay, please let me...." I screamed and he brought me back to the edge and took 2 powerful strokes to push me over. 

"Jay....."  His name left my lips as my body tightened around him, my pussy pulsating around his cock as he growled out his release.

He held my hair and turned my face towards his and gently kissed my lips. 

"Don't fucking tease me babe, you won't win."  He growled as he kissed me more forcefully. 

"I don't want to win Jay, I just want to play the game."  I whispered.

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